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Tomb of Exiles: Se Sami Boss


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He's the Second Mini boss near the start of the Tomb, i'm not sure what you all did to the tomb but its totally broken now and i can no longer progress here do to a game breaking bug. Essentially we engaged the boss as per normal, focus firing on the adds first, he seems to have a few new tricks and hits quite a bit harder, but we managed to kill his adds and focused on him. Like per usually he runs after my force master and i proceed to kite him around the room. Being CAREFUL to never go down a corridor or get to close to the exits. Using roots and cold snap with rain of ice for damage we get him to around 1/4 of his life. 


At this point the boss stops and seems to bug out, his health refills he negates any CC and runs to the center of the room, his minions respawn and he reaggro's as if you ran to far away from him. This is consistent every single time we pulled this boss this is how it went down every time. It has made the entire dungeon unplayable for us, to a point that i am now stuck with out my infernal bangle until this gets resolved. 

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