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Any1 with an insane pvp blademaster build to share?


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would love to know , animation cancel, when its best . 

how to keep up your chi since i often find my self starved

the best speced talents for 1v 1 situations and why

some good combo rotations

and burst rotation.

as well as tips and tricks? :D


feel free to share to the community and me .) thx ALOT!

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Just now, Enoll said:


I really hate to promote myself however at the same time I really can't be bothered to write down guides or builds so check the past broadcasts - www.twitch.tv/enoL_




looks nice, although i dont see any specifik guide for blade masters pvp :) even on imperial network :) im only around gold ranking with about 14 wins so i still got lot to learn :P

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