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Hajoon's Letter?


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So, on my lvl 13 blademaster Vaxin, I've completed the "The way of the (class, in this case Blademaster)" quest, and have paid my respects to Hajoon. I talked to Bak Gaha (aka The rat girl) and blah blah, sorry for Hajoon, let me honor him, all that. So, after that, I got off.

Yesterday, I watched my sister as she completed the quest. And then, out of nowhere, she got a letter from Hajoon. I watched as she received The Masked Hongmoon, and so, a few minutes later, I decided to get on and see if I had gotten the letter.

I hadn't.

So I figured I would complete a few quests in the Jadestone Village Area, right? And then it would appear in my quest log.

After completing almost all my quests, I still hadn't received the letter.

Confused, I asked the faction about it.

Many suggested completing quests, which I informed I had already tried. Some suggested looking in my inventory, as it might have went there. I checked, and told them it still wasn't there. Defeated, I told myself to complete more quests (Mainly the main story) and then it would appear later.

That day, when I got off, the letter was still nowhere to appear.

And now today, I've completed some new quests, but I've focused mainly on continuing to complete the Infestation.

Still no letter from Hajoon.

Can anyone please tell me what I have to do to receive Hajoon's Letter to get the Masked Hongmoon? Is there a certain level I have to be? Is this a bug? Please reply with help!

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I had the same issue on a new character (this didn't happen the first time around for me.) I just ignored it and went on and continued questing, after around level 16 when I completed the quest where you're tested by the 8 masters the quest popped up for me. So I don't know if it was the level or quest that was the prerequisite for it(i leveled up from the quest), or if it was just a coincidence. 


Try proceeding until you get the quest to return to Jadestone after you unlock the ability to use "chi points" and if you still don't get the quest then i'd submit a ticket. 

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The letter should be given to you as part of a package with the Masked Hongmoon uniform worn by Hajoon himself, when he sends the first letter accusing you of being a fake Hongmoon Student.

It is part of the quest, where you have to (as you said); honor his spirit by lighting incense candles before going to a rock/rubble and unearthing a small package left for you from Hajoon.


If you got the Masked Hongmoon uniform (blue-ish), but not the letter then there's nothing you can do - you could always try starting a new character for the letter (although it does disappear after you've read it).


If you have yet to get the Masked Hongmoon uniform, maybe try going back to JadeStone Village and talking to the Earthseer again (aka. the rat girl :P)

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