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[ Solved/Fix ] Disconnected from server. (1000)(132, 10054) + Others


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Are you getting that random disconnect every time you are entering a new area? dungeon? or simply trying to get to town? Well there IS a fix.
After a total of 28 hours of support doing no good "claiming" my computer cant handle the game and making me remove so much off my computer I found the problem on my own.


The problem is really simple. Due to windows 10 step there is a little thing called VPN. For most playing the game this can be turned off in your router settings but for windows 10 users it's not found in your router settings.
Here is what i did:

Go to your "Settings"
Go to " Network & Internet ( Wi-Fi, airplane mode, VPN )
Click " VPN "

And under " VPN Advanced Settings" turn off " Allow VPN connections over metered networks" AND also turn off " Allow VPN to connect whille roaming"


This should stop the game from crashing every so often of you trying to get from place to place. If the problem is still happening you may have to go to your " msconfig " and disable all the none windows start up stuff.

WINDOW 7, Vita, 8 , 8.1
You may have to try and turn off your VPN this way: https://docs.meraki.com/display/MX/VPN+settings+for+Windows+8

i dont have a lower windows to try and work with. but there is a setting to turn in it off in there somewhere.

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I keep getting this error thing I cant screenshot it so Im jus gunna type it. 


"Error connecting to VPN Connection

Error 789: The L2TP connection attempt fail because the security layer encountered a processing error during initial negotiations with the remote computer"

I  dont know it means. I followed the person said in the link.( PS i have windows  8.1  )

I'm kind of slow when it comes to computer, So sorry 

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I am not sure what this requires? " Enter the public IP address for the MX appliance " what public IP?  ._. like, my IP?


Also, its saying during adjusting the advanced settings to add the same "key" i used earlier on the dashboard, what? key? lol


I get this whenever i enter my ID/PW http://prntscr.com/9uvq9p  when im entering them tho the "domain" section i see empty while his has the name of the "key" he entered? idk.

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This issue needs to be professionally fixed by the team (not saying none of the players who are fixing it are unprofessional, but we can't do everything the team can for, basically, the information and etc. they have). 

This is a problem we'd have to be more patient with.

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