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  1. The idea of a scythe based class sounds.... amazing! I think this class would fit Lyn's well since I've seen other MMO's have the cuter/smaller class usually wielding a weapon similar to a scythe or a scythe itself. Maybe this could be a fully universal class. I would love if this class was also considered "hard" just so the Lyn race has a difficult class rather than easy and normal. Also, it can fit for any race, perhaps it would be normal or easy for every race but a Lyn. The reason I say that it could be only considered hard for a Lyn is for a sort of handicap to be there. A new class for all, but different in the setting of difficulty. However, a scythe may seem out of fit with Blade and Soul. I was thinking this, but then thought, is it really out of the complete theme? A scythe is actually an agricultural tool, used in both Europe and Asia; Asia being where Blade and Soul takes place. Thus, a scythe can fit within the Blade and Soul world and be able to accommodate each class but perhaps have a different spin for each class or just difference in difficulty setting.
  2. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    @Vicwolf, Those answers are literally copy and paste, we all receive the same when turning in tickets. However, it may help some, who knows.
  3. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    Sadly this doesn't help all, we have gone through numerous fixes, at this point even I have lost hope to get a good run through of the game. Hopefully, what you have shared does help some.
  4. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    This is a bit absurd now that no one is getting the help they need. I know there are other issues for the game, but at least with the chat spam it can be worked around with for anyone, the disconnection error, however, cannot be. EDIT: Seems my issue has also reoccurred, the disconnection. Right after putting money into the game as well, a bit ironic. It would be nice if we had some more updates on our issue, however, as players, we have gone through fixes and solutions, I found other player's information much more useful than supports, not saying that support hasn't done anything, though I do hate "copy and paste" answers that we were given.
  5. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    I love the way the Lyn's look now, and I find adorableness/cuteness "sexy". I wish that the breast slider could make other races chest smaller as well, but as least I have Lyns then.
  6. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    Hm, not quite sure if I understand what you're saying @Wylphen, you see, I play on the NA server. I was simply stating that my disconnection error is officially gone, I shall say. The reason? Not quite sure.
  7. First!

    Glad Dochun finally has a server, can't wait to meet all the other great players in this server.
  8. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    My game has completely fixed itself, and it seems it is also changing on others as well. This is strange because, first, I am certain it has nothing to do with the update, as it started to work better before the update, secondly, my laptop has not updated itself in any way either.
  9. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    The emails are roughly the same answer, I also saw information about the Chroma Keyboard. My disconnection error is constantly changing, however. At times, I may play for hours with out it. So now, I raise this question, how bad is everyone's disconnection error? Is there anyone who can't play the game for at least 15 minutes?
  10. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    Reading this, gave me some thought, I see what the support is trying to say. If we players are the cars, then.... Well, I think I can't describe this as well as support, however, this may help. And right in the middle, NCSOFT. But in a more serious note, I don't understand how that is a problem. Such as, I have played BnS from the atomix server, Chinese game, Russian, and the Beta here, so why would the officially release game give errors? This is the only game where I had disconnection errors as well, and I have played my share of MMO's (Being all Aeria, Nexon, Alaplaya, NCSoft (excluding wild star), Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, list goes on. I only say this because this error should of happen in at least one past game for me, but it didn't even occur during other BnS clients. I'll still try to see if I could do anything to at least make the error less, but for finding a solution, that will be quite difficult.
  11. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    Still no fixes, All we can do for the time being is wait. Some solutions are only temporary, the disconnection is still not fixed. Just updating everyone so far.
  12. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    Sadly, no. Looking for issues still, but can't think of anything for the meantime. I'll get back to it however, trying to find more fixes, but currently, nothing new, we're in a standstill.
  13. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    Everyone gets the same responses from tech support, so I would not submit any tickets. Hopefully they soon will see this post and will make a comment and acknowledge our problem.
  14. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    This is very odd, it changes based on time?
  15. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    I do hope they see this, I feel a bit upset that they seem to not acknowledge the issue. So far though, I would like to thank everyone, looking into issues, helping one another, giving information, putting up with this and still trying. What has helped me keep trying to fix this issue is this wonderful community here, and I'd like to know that these players, all of us, can be able to play soon. I hope the staff notices our posts and helps our problem so that we all can play soon. And again, thank you all!