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Invitation from Poharan quest?


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1 hour ago, rapatpamp said:

I cannot get this.


I have done all blue dungeons, killed her in the open area, the 6-man, and still can't find this quest.


Is it even in yet?



A lot of people are having this issue like myself.. apparently it is a bug. Please a NCSoft admin for response?

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I had that issue too, then all the sudden it was open to me.  I thought it might have been my weapon level. Your weapon might have to be upgraded past the spider breakthrough weapon.  I am probably wrong though, but it's the only thing I can think of that changed with me.

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You do not need an invitation.


All you need to join Blackram supply run is a Dokumo weapon or better (Which can be bought off the AH or farmed in the Skittering Tunnels).


Once you have that, equip the weapon to be able to go inside the dungeon, and then you can change it back to your original weapon if you'd like.


Hope that helps ~!

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