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  1. Give me that Jinsoyun server *.*
  2. ??? I just installed again the game on a fresh windows 10 install and before beginning installing BnS, it said I needed DirectX installed and Microsoft Visual C++ ALSO nvidia PhysX. And it installed all.
  3. uh.. just ask your clan mates to trade kill in misty woods. This is like so many people did back in the days, when lvl cap was 45.
  4. NA servers are much better! I notice that in CBT. 1st CBT was only NA i played with zero problems!!! Next CBT when they open EU servers and they moved my char to EU Server, the problems start to begin and wasn't only me, lot people actually came to CBT forums complain about the connection. We had lag, unstable connection and lag spikes. 22nd may and we still have the same problems. This will be just like Aion soon, they will sell BnS to Gameforce and one more dead game because of you.
  5. yeah this give me headache they need remove shake or put option to remove the shake
  6. Custom support says different:
  7. well i still didn't buy any of those because it didn't appeal to me, i'm with OP. more costumes =D really like this one
  8. hey gameguard got removed from the game! Linux users can play now
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