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  1. I have made the same observation about KR games but thought that maybe I was overly paranoid. It does seem like KR developers are running a psychology experiment at times. One case in point is the Misty faction dailies; these dailies are designed to encourage players to get into parties, but the area where players are required to free prisoners only the individual gets credit for it. It in itself is a small thing, but since none of the other tasks work like this it an interesting design choice. Back to the thread Topic: I do know that with higher ranks of premium a player can list mor
  2. I played Tera a few months before Archeage then stopped and also played it a couple months after the level 65 content release Basically, I was not a long time player. I did however notice the lack of bots or of any spamming at all in chat during the time I played. How do you think they managed to pull it off? To me it seems the bot, spammer problem is a constantly evolving battle between the gold farming companies and the game devs.
  3. A decent group on voice communications and/ or with good coordination will decimate a non coordinated team. I have lost matches where individually the players weren't that spectacular, but they timed their tags and interferes so well the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.
  4. I'd like to know this too. Once I get tagged in am vulnerable for a split second while I adjust my camera so I can actually see what is going on.
  5. This is correct. Lower level mobs and mobs in instances can drop 1-3 copper. Higher level mobs (like in misty woods) can drop 20-70c. In Night Shade Harbor 24 person I've seen drops as high as 1 silver and a few copper. Mobs do not drop money 100 percent of the time ( maybe 2 out of 3 on average) and in some areas mobs don't drop anything. IMO not enough to be worth grinding them to make it rich, but if you finish all your dailies it makes a nice bonus.
  6. I have seen some color variants of items that drop in the cash shop. I do agree a dye/ palette swap system would be great and if done correctly could be semi lucrative for the NCS without alieninating the player base.
  7. I am just speculating, but since the patches and updates are coming from KR, the publisher won't have as much bang to blast time to make announcementS. They seem to be adding one larger update approximately every month, so this might be par for the course as opposed to some insidious plan. Just FYI, I think BDO has a lot going for and some issues just like BnS. I like what I have played in both and hope they both do well to encourage quality MMO development as opposed to everyone making generic sequels or going into the mobile market.
  8. I have watched some of the KR players streaming and they have amounts like 26k gold on their accounts due to the payouts in the higher levels content. On the flip side, their upgrades and mat costs are through the roof, so 26k isn't a completely ridiculous amount apparently. In all the MMO's I have played, cash gets generated out of thin air, so inflation will inevitably happen. Hopefully the sinks in gear evolution, transmuting, and the small amount lost to Auction fees keep the inflation healthy.
  9. I apologize if this has been posted. I have searched for a basic tutorial and strat guide on tag arena and have only found some videos or articles just summarizing team matches. I understand the very basic mechanics of team matches, but am lost at several of the other commands. The interfere I got down: it's on a cd and there are limited uses per match. it's the tag function I am unsure about. When I was bro leader I seemed to have more options, but when I queued yesterday all I could do apparently was interfere. I got it ,noob questions and all that, but I think it woul
  10. Pigsty is it's own animal- after the mob train and 1st boss it's easy, but get with a group that is not on the same page or aware of the 1st boss mechanics it gets to be a pain. 1st boss actually has some mechanics that can possibly wipe an under-geared/under-leveled/unknowledgeable group (poison pools, grabby plants, healing boss plants, ranged adds), more so than 1st bosses in the other blue dungeons. The important thing as an decently geared experienced level 45 is to take lead right away so the other players will hopefully copy your lead. I know it's annoying when you ask at begi
  11. Thank you all for taking the time out to give advice, I appreciate it.
  12. I am newer to this game so don't have quite the background some of these players do, but I managed to make it to Gold before they reset. I started again and got into mid silver, and then damn near beaten back into bronze again. Could this be because since the reset a lot of the higher ranked players are still in silver working their way up? If not then I will need to uninstall. Seriously though, how would you advice someone who is new and not that good at pvp to get better? I know of training protocols for athletics, but for games, I guess all there is is practice, but gettin
  13. I actually found this to be quite profound, like inside a fortune cookie profound.
  14. Some do the side quests will have good rewards like upgrade elements.
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