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Failed to connect to server. (204)


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Damn; seems this is happening to a lot of others as well.

Man, this blows.  Worked my butt off all week, high-stress... been too busy to even try out BnS.  Launched earlier, got into character-creation, had character all made, went to give it a name, and game just came to a halt and refused to continue.  Ever since trying to get it back up, been getting this same error.

Been looking forward to this weekend all week hoping to FINALLY have a chance to play BnS. -_-

EDIT: Starting to think I'm a jinx... typically first time I go to try out any game, is typically when bad things happen.  Even with SWTOR, first time I went to play, managed to get logged in right before server went down for a major update. >_<

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