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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    Rip Server Q_Q Argh... How they do maintenance...
  2. Server down or crashed ?

  3. Failed to connect to server. (204)

    Server Wipe! Rollback to headstart Hue! Same here! (204) This launch/game have move bugs than CBT... NCBugs
  4. Which NA server to role-play on?

    yey :wub: roleplay everywhere :p haha
  5. Which NA server to role-play on?

    i'm going to Jiwan i hope find roleplay there :) Jiwan #1
  6. ♦ Gaming marathon post

    LMAO! we have a guide to die. haha
  7. m? this launch is old from CBT '-' this new launcher, did you uninstall CBT client version and download/install new client ? Link New Client PS: you guys need uninstall old Client and re-download and install again. yep you need re-download all again, after this your client will ask about update... click in Update and wait the update done.
  8. Menu, Button Patch Notes!

    I don't want to wait too long for it. m? but why? Wouldn't it be nice to know about game update ?...
  9. Btw About Name Reservation - Be aware you'all need to add your character slots before being able to create a character. Source:
  10. I hope this can help....
  11. Can we have a Button on the Menu to know what's new ? Like Cliente Update Version, Class Update, Bugs Fixes, Known Issues, Dungeons Update, New items, New Costumes, and so on. And please put the download button on the first page. Anyway I just want to know about an official update NA, not about updates in KR, CN or JP. I think they are not the same update... ;)
  12. Premium Membership Star

    Uhum me too! ! ! :)
  13. Premium Membership Star

    You mean something like this ? This is from PlayBnS (Russian), in game looks cool, in my opinion... this looks better than what we have atm.
  14. Launch time ...really?

    Yeah, seems fine with me and tbh I don't care about the time. :P Welp...I use another time zone...So midnight would be like 18:00 for me. You guys should check current time zone where you live, to make sure when server will be available for you. and if you want to play before midnight, then buy any Founder Pack. ;) Because Head Start begins January 15, (10am "PST" / 6pm "UTC"). I think that most people in forum bought some Founder Pack, for this they don't care lol. Sorry my english. :rolleyes:
  15. We need more hair styles

    I loved that hairstyle, looks awesome! ! ! =^-^= I hope we can have it in hongmoon shop soon ;) and I hope that they're working on new hairstyles. ^_^ Aww i want all! ! ! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It is always good to have a lot of costuming in game. :P And yes it would be a good idea to get it from Yehara Mirrage daily <3 'huehue'