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  1. Congratz, you guys went from a terrible compensation to an even worse one. At least with 10 aransu resets we could reset SK twice.
  2. This is actually the dumbest shit I've ever read. Even if it is a joke and you're the most genius troll ever, please don't ever compare combat in an MMO to real life.
  3. Their reason for taking it out was because "it didn't really make a difference".
  4. Seriously tho that saved so many people in dungeons. Party pull that shaves off 6 seconds + chi infuse = 3 sec res. If there was someone else who could infuse chi it was an insta res. Now at least 3 people need to stop dpsing boss and infuse for an instant res, and no one's gonna stop dpsing for that so we end up with dead people and more wipes. With how much the higher rank premium members got cucked by the rank removal and the meager compensation of an extended premium, it would be better to leave as many benefits as you could.
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