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Achievement bug-(Trifling With Triangles)


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It looks like we don't even have Brilliant Triangular Citrine(knock-down) gem existed in this game...how could I make this achievement..I've opened tons of chests, all i got is the 30 additional dmg ones(stun or knockdown), but obviously this one does NOT work with this achievement, there's none of em on marketplace either.






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On 3/20/2016 at 9:24 AM, RInkokonoe said:

still not working


Edit: Got triangular version to work, square does not work.

How did you get it to work? Did you actually get a knockdown citrine?


EDIT: Ok I kept getting annoyed and putting the citrines i did roll in worked after like the 4th one. No idea why some trigger and some don't. Same worked with the square citrine one.

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