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  1. I have always enjoyed the Force Master. Maybe try that out. Check out some videos on You Tube? :) I'm thinking of buying a character slot, myself, to use this voucher but am worried that if I make it and delete it (because I inevitably will forget to change the voice, or tweak the appearance just so) that I will lose the voucher and the slot will be a waste. Anyone know if the voucher goes away if you delete the voucher character?
  2. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    This is me. I gave up on alts, even though I love playing different classes. The upgrading and keeping up is just too expensive for multiple characters. I slave one alt to run dailies for me to get extra money for my main. That's about it. It's a shame too...I love the alts.
  3. Why 5 Hongmoon Pellets?

    I don't mind them making it so PVPers can get the stuff via PVE, but they need to make it so the PVEers can get the stuff they need via PVE (misty woods necklace, zen bean Hongmoon Skill). It would be fair that way. Not every PVEer wants to PVP, just as not every PVPer may want to do PVE. Let that access street go both ways, please. Thanks. :)
  4. So...Outfit Pouches.

    Devs need to make it so your only 'fail cost' is the money you put into it, not the materials. This across the board. If they need to raise the price of these transmutes then so be it, but make them either fail and lose money invested and KEEP MATS or don't bother making it have a cost at all, since the mats are $$$. The token 'fabric' on a fail is better than nothing but feels terribly demoralizing.
  5. Achievement bug-(Trifling With Triangles)

    How did you get it to work? Did you actually get a knockdown citrine? EDIT: Ok I kept getting annoyed and putting the citrines i did roll in worked after like the 4th one. No idea why some trigger and some don't. Same worked with the square citrine one.
  6. I'm still hoping they're going to do right by their paying customers, but I'm actually beginning to worry that they won't and that they do not actually care about anything more than making money. Every choice they've made lately feels like a blatant cash grab and gouge right and left, whether it's accidental or not. I want to believe in NCSoft, that they'll address their customers and make it right, but they've not said anything more about this and they can't just keep dragging it out forever. People want answers. As much as I love the game, it feels terribly mismanaged by the greediest of uncaring people who don't care about the game or its customers having fun with their game, but instead only wanting customers to be spending money at every turn. I don't mind spending money supporting a game I love, but it seems even money spent in good faith isn't going to be met by the same spirit. Please make this right, NCSoft, and address your community and explain your choices and reasoning behind them. Reimburse those who have purchased items in good faith, only to have their purchase taken away from them without warning such could happen at time of purchase.
  7. Was hoping to hear more by now on this topic, but maybe they don't want to say anything today (April Fool's Day) to prevent people from thinking that it's a joke or something? So maybe Monday?
  8. This: " We understand that this is not a positive player experience for those players who feel this, and we are looking into options to rectify this issue for affected players. At this point, we cannot share specific details as to how this will be accomplished but we remain committed to the idea that reasonable and informed players shouldn’t feel reason to regret their purchases. " This quote is why I still hold out faith that those affected WILL be taken care of and treated fairly in some fashion, whether by gemhammer or Ncoin reimbursement, or care packages of some value, or BOTH to retain loyal customers. I haven't lost faith in NCsoft completely, and really would like to believe customers that were upset will be more than happy with the resolution that is reached. I hope for this. I really do hope.
  9. I'm hoping they come back with something more about this before the week is out, personally. I know things take time, but it'd be nice to know what they intend to do for folks affected.
  10. They are saying they're "looking into options rectify the issue for affected players", and they'll keep us updated. The only thing I'm concerned about is how long it takes to rectify it, because MMO players that spend real life money aren't notoriously patient when they feel they're being cheated or ripped off or whatnot. Still, I'm really glad they're actually going to get additional messaging to prevent this issue from happening to future players, and possibly even change the system entirely so it can't/won't happen to people in the future. Just have to do the 'wait and see' thing for now, and hope that they come through for their customers who were affected/are affected/will be affected by this matter.
  11. Thank you guys for addressing this volatile and sensitive matter. Please post this information somewhere that it does not get buried, along with any followup information regarding any compensation or fixes in the future. Your customers need to know what is going on.
  12. Well it's Monday. Maybe we'll get some actual moderator/NCsoft explanation of this situation and what they intend to do about it. I really hope they do right by the customers that have been actively supporting the game with the purchase of Ncoin and Premium.
  13. The sad thing about all this is that now even though I like the game and don't mind supporting it with occasional Ncoin purchases, this is making me want to stop spending money on Ncoin and stop purchasing items in the Hongmoon Store for real money. I am hoping they come through and make this right for people who spent real money for these items already, I really am. But I'm losing faith that this will happen. Maybe they'll come through for the players who support the game. I hope so.
  14. I'm guessing that we're not going to get their official posting about this matter until next week, since it is now the weekend. It's disappointing to have to wait so long for information that should have been made available at the outset. I am genuinely curious to see how they are going to handle this situation, considering how much Ncoin must be in play for so many, myself included.
  15. Junghado Voice

    I believe @Babbeltr0n on Twitter said that it was an old version of her voice and that they would be "addressing this soon", when people were asking about Soha. But yes, noticed Namsoyoo's voice sounded a lot like Soha's sort of. Was odd.