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  1. KoS | RANK 15 | Active | Teamspeak | Helpful | PvX

    Is TS required?
  2. Easy way to get keys?! Golden Deva OP

    ive gotten tons of Axes from those chests on my summoner...got staff after like 18+ tries.
  3. I got my Regium Corvus yesterday. :D

    looks pretty good, but those boots...meh..
  4. Dungeon Lobby

    you can always exit the waiting room and try to join another party..
  5. I dont get why you guys added AFK kick feature???!! Apparently, it does NOT help to slove the queuing problem at all! I dc'd from the game, then next thing is I have to wait 40mins+! cuz 1500+ premium members ahead of me, and I'm one of em! So, whats the point to add this AFK kick feature if it wont be helpful but make things worse, why not just extend your servers?! This is ridiculous!
  6. Server down or crashed ?

    lol...server down on weekend...GG!
  7. Achievement bug-(Trifling With Triangles)

    It looks like we don't even have Brilliant Triangular Citrine(knock-down) gem existed in this game...how could I make this achievement..I've opened tons of chests, all i got is the 30 additional dmg ones(stun or knockdown), but obviously this one does NOT work with this achievement, there's none of em on marketplace either.
  8. Marketplace not working properly. -_-

    On CN server, their marketplace was built much better, please change this! Built with IE is NOT a good idea!!!
  9. Can't edit my forum profile!

    My forum display name appeared be like this...all numbers! I wanted to edit it, but it says I'm not allowed to edit profile! Sent ticket to support, replied: The in-game support team cannot assist with forum errors. We would recommend messaging a moderator on the forums. So, is there any forum moderator here can fix this??? thx!
  10. Marketplace not working properly. -_-

    This is how my marketplace looked like....x: like.. .
  11. [CUTE] Guild | Discord | 18+

    Hi, im interested in joining! Just signed up your CUTE website, I'm current lvling in Poharan server. Only one question is which faction your clan will be running to? Crimson Legion or Cerulean order? Thank you!