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Who is better for PvP? Summoners or FM?


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Any character is only as good as you are. But the easiest chracter is the summoner. 


Don't PVP before level cap or you will have  a bad time... There's already enough people complaining about lack of balance even though they don't have all skills.


I play FM and I can beat 1v2 and even managed to win some 1v3 with enemies of same level (26). 

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27 minutes ago, kuro1n said:

I don't really understand this notion that you shouldn't PvP before cap, as soon as I hit 15 I started PvPing and won 4/4 matches before I decided to keep leveling.

It's not that you absolutely shouldn't pvp before you hit cap, it's just that if you PVP before cap, you'll be at a disadvantage.

A lot of people don't understand that and come QQing to the forums that their level 15 got CC'd down and utterly destroyed in the arena and that it's all not fair and pvp is dead and should be fixed.

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