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Game Randomly Crashing/Not Responding


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Everything was installed smoothly, and I can cleanly open the game, yet at random points as I'm playing it will completely shut off, but the NC launcher stays open. The game doesn't go to black screen, it just ceases to exist. When I check my processes while running the game, it shows Blade and Soul as Not Responding, yet I can still do everything normally in game until it randomly stops of its own accord. This is what my task manager looks like even though I am fully capable of accessing the game to it's fullest 31f1665e04.png         


My computer runs the game fine, and I'm not having any lag and I'm running the game at 60 FPS constantly. I already tried repair files, looking at my nvidia share, and I don't have any razer products. I already uninstalled and reinstalled and I'm still having the same problem. These are the specs for my computer, if anyone has any idea how to fix this, I'd love to know. 8130d2b157.png

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