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Making money?

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So since mobs don't drop money how do you make money on this game? I am level 16 and only have 1 silver. I sold some blue gear weapons and whatever I salvage from soul shields I don't need. My friends were talking about it today and told me "We are only low level so we might not make any money yet." Well I am level 16 and I know that is not very high but I feel like having 1 silver is not enough to do what I need to do. I need to help my clan grow and I can only donate 1 gold and nothing lower so that kind of sucks. Also keys sell for a lot and unsealing charms etc. I been getting the last two items from quests so that is fine for now but I just feel like I am pretty restricted on what I can do as far as my clan goes. 

I also checked the market to see what people were selling and to see what was selling for good or decent prices. I noticed that there was no purple weapons on the market so I am guessing we only get purple weapons from quests or whenever they drop they are bound to us and we can't sell. I also noticed that no one was really selling outfits so I am guessing all the outfits you have a chance to win on the wheels are bound to you and cannot be sold. I tried to sell them today and they were grayed out so that made me a bit upset as it took me 40 of those stones to win the whole outfit. Blue and green weapons dont really sell for that much so its not worth trying to farm for them. Then I looked at mats and thought that it looked promising to sell those. But then I found out the mats are only obtained through the npcs you send out which you pay like 1 bronze for the basic thing so those would not really sell unless people were too lazy or did not have that profession. Still I don't think they sell for that much right now. 

So I am kind of at a lost. I really don't know how to make money and I would love any tips given to me to help me make some money to at least help my clan out ^^! So if you can give me any information please let me know! Thank you kindly <3!

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Purple weapons and gear isn't tradeable. Not sure which outfits are tradeable. I know at least that the duplicate I have is not. 


They money will get better for quests once you get to the higher zones like Moonwater. And to be honest unless you decide to buy a lot of stuff from the market you don't really need that much money till the latter stages when upgrading becomes insanely expensive. 


Most people actually make money in the market now selling raw gathered materials. Raw materials that need 4+ hours to obtain for example. The two professions that you really want at the start to make / save money are the Soul Wardens and the Merry Potters. The Soul Wardens make transformation stones and you will honestly NEVER have enough of those. The Cinderlands and Moonwater transformation stones especially. Which brings me to the Merry Potters. They can make rare waters which about everyone and their grandma needed. They also make pickaxes and jars which you can use to gather the rare finite materials in the world.


What my Merry Potter makes money is selling Pine Sap (which takes 6 hours to obtain) and the Serpent Calling Bell (Which you need for a quest and whose droprate is abysmally small). The Serpent Calling Bell needs 1 Pine Sap so I am working on a second Woodcutter as well. :)


Hope this helps.




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Crafting is a good place to start, you also get a share of the money from the winning bidder in dungeon drop auctions, you may also find that rewards from daily quests may sell for a decent amount on the marketplace. 


The amount of money you get from quests does rise a lot in later levels, but there's not much you need to spend your money on until you get to max level.

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