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Lost an invitation.


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Yes i have the same problem here.

You get the quest "Invitation to Poharan" if you reach level 43 automatically.

This quest has to be finished (4 blue dungeons) to get access to the Blackram dungeon.

I deleted mine by accident and since there is no NPC which you can start the quest at and since

there is no mission icon on the world map ... you can't start it again.


!!!!! --> Make quest "indestructable"

!!!!! --> automatically get it (e.g. if you portal or something) after you deleted it

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On 19.1.2016 at 11:22 PM, Bennive said:

seems i did the same. i remember clearing quest journal of low-lovel quests... nice one,me


16 hours ago, Enhance said:

To enter Blackram Supply cross-server you also need a bound Dokumo weapon.


We are talking about the quest which we can not start again because there is no NPC, not the weapon which is required.

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On 1/19/2016 at 5:07 PM, Kwathreon said:

u can't get into it because your weapons lvl is too low for Cross Server access. You probably haven't level'd it yet? (Its understandable, the lack of MW Transformation Stones was real)

You only need the Dokumo weapon from Skittering tunnels. Not profane weapon

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