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Chapter 7 Letter


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I'm having this issue as well, the icon just isn't there. I've tried to be proactive and test different things like making new characters on different servers, deleting and remaking my character, moving my UI around in case it's hidden, and even reinstalled the game twice after making sure to thoroughly delete any and all files, but it's definitely glitched on their end. Hopefully their team sees this and adds it to their list of known issues because as of a day ago when I last checked, they didn't add it to their updated list. Really annoyed with this as I was a Founder member and my Head start ended before it started, now I'm actually BEHIND the new free players coming into the game.

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IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT! Everyone having this issue please read!: My friend and I put our heads together and she managed to figure it out, there is a TINY ARROW under the minimap that EXPANDS your Quest Tracker!!! Click that and you should be able to click that button! If it doesn't do anything, go into your quest journal and hit the Track Quest button! Big thanks to Kireki! Good luck everyone!!! And uh...sorry B&S team....although you could make that button more obvious, o3o (lol) I'm reposting this to the discussion thread too.

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