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  1. RIP BNS

    Bots can always buy premiums, and NCSoft will have no excuse but to leave them alone because they are making money off them LOL
  2. Forum spam

    This is like the hearthstone forum spam all over again. It took Blizzard over a year to fix the problem. The good old Korean spam and Babaji spams.
  3. Are we under DOS attacks?

    This is the hearthstone forum all over again with all these spams. It took Blizzard more than a year to fix the problem LOL
  4. Chapter 7 Letter

    I got through, the letter is just below the map on the right (not the bottom right).
  5. Chapter 7 Letter

    I am having this problem as well. I guess I am barred from this game for life. Nice demo NCSOFT.