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LF help with gear mechanics


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We've recently started playing BnS and while we quite enjoy it, I've been looking for answers to some of these questions from someone who's been playing this and could explain it to us noobs. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a derp look on my face when I think about the gear mechanics. BnS does differ from 'traditional' MMOs in that regard.


Disclaimer: I've googled, used the wiki (which really doesn't have much) and used somewhat common sense to answer them on my own, but I'd still like to get confirmation... I'd just like to point out that we come from GW2, where gear is specifically broken down into tiers (lowest tier to highest, e.g. weapons/armor/trinkets ranges are white(lowest)/blue/green/yellow/orange/pink/purple(highest). Purple being legendary and not easy to acquire.


1. I saw someone mention legendary gear, I figure it's fairly end-game but are there gear tiers in BnS?


2. I understand that there is only cosmetic armor, and thus it's fairly irrelevant to PvE, but what about accessories? Is it better to just use the story ones and then evolve them, or buy them on the marketplace, or from an NPC? 


3. Weapons, should we be using the main story weapon and keep evolving it, or should we be buying level-dependent ones from the marketplace/NPCs? Can you craft them, and if so, is it worth it? I saw someone mentioning Pirate (?) weapon at 45 that you buy from an NPC for 100g?


4. Soulshields, I've noticed you keep getting different types whenever you zone into a new area. Should we just keep one set from the start and evolve it up? Or use new ones as we progress even if we don't have the full set?


Thanks in advance and sorry for the noobness, but we're fairly competitive and would like to get an idea from the get-go so we don't go "aw *cricket* I NPC'd that four months ago".

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1, Legendary gears are a bit different in every diff server. Currently its not out in NA yet, and will not be out any time soon. So all are just speculations as no way of knowing how NCSOFT is planning for NA regarding to that aspect. Currently end-game gear is only at Poharan Stage, the Siren Series, preceded by Profane Series, Infernal Series, Blight Series, and Hongmoon Series.


2. The cosmetic accessories use different slot than the actual accessories, so there are no conflicts at all.


3.There will not be any level independent weapons, just keep leveling your story weapons. The pirate weapon at 45 from NPC for 100G was a CN thing where it was needed as a material to breakthrough Legendary Gear


4. Soulshields are independent, there are no evolving, simply reinforcing using primers, the best primer soulshields are crafted with the soul warden profession, priming it is rather unnecessary till you reach current endgame level 45.


Hope that answers all your questions, and gl ^_^



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