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  1. But you are carrying Natsu and Lucy XD. Jokes aside yea there should be limitations before ppl get too upset and lose patience with it. In CN it escalated to the point not only to not run with low lvs crossserver, PPL also leave the crossserver right away if someone has subpar equipments or fails like one block or two. In the meantime if can get friends and guildies to run the same dgn or just wait for them a bit and move on with story quest for the moment, that would be the best option.
  2. Well lore-wise, until u defeat Jinsoyin it doesn't make sense to have a house. (After season 1 u manage to defeat jinsoyin and kinda became a bigshot) So perhaps after when it enters Season 2 there will be player housing, Maybe everyone goes backs to the prologue area and start their own dojo/school like Master Hong ^_^.
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