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  1. Too many classes are OP

    BM will be the most OP once you learn the combos, the 1- block is probably the most op counter skill in PVP. LV 50 content will make them bugged.

    Oh don' worry about it, the game is definitely gonna get more difficult, Mushin will make you into his -B&&&&- =w=
  3. Loot System

    I personally believe its balanced, learning the market is a requisite for all mmorpgs. There are players who have spend tons of time planning ahead on what to merch and etc, its simply investments. The result from the bidding is equally distributed to all players as well, so I don't see the problem there.
  4. Why must I choose?!

    There was in the CN version on chapter 17, the story quest where you started to get your skill customization, and was much more lore fitting. However they deleted that part in opt for ppl to joining factions and start pvping at lv one because with the exp stack and things, sometime ppl wont reach chapter 17 till level 24ish (Exp stacking is a thing in CN). Henceforth you got the 2 guys right there at the starting area that really stands out.
  5. Forgekeeper's Secrets: CBT to Launch

    Oh i didnt realize they can craft weapon skin now. You know thats actually a great benefit cause if u can sell the weapon skins that would make Forgekeeper sooo much more useful. You'd be earning a ton of gold to buy the other materials. I think you should look at it as a blessing in disguise.
  6. So, some questions.

    NP, glad to see someone sharing similar thoughts considering the player base here is mostly male ^_^.
  7. I honestly cant tell which servers spends less. I know from my expereince in CN where some ppl are like saving down on daily meal cost to afford one in game costume, and the rich in CN having every costume on every char and buying over a million gold, which translate to USD is equivalent to about 500K USD, Though that's just how the CN population is. The difference is I see that CN players are used to paying for the various in game stuff even if it means cutting down their real life spending, So its actually a cultural difference, I don't believe that is yet to happen in NA so it would be better for the management if they could adapt to that as well.
  8. So, some questions.

    I agree with u with the over sexualizing, Yun's pretty decent in the classy sense, as long as u dont do the dance and dance2, Oh my eyes and ears. Regarding to costumes, again Yun ones are more classy type of conservative, Like the blue procelain one. I find some costumes on Lyn REALLLY Wrong, like the one with the coat and bikini...
  9. Well one can always hope, and NCSoft will change their minds eventually if enough support, I mean, hey at least we have this game in NA now after like 4 years of waiting and endless petitioning.
  10. The current one is not, the one in CBT was rigged around each various items. The one in CBT will be the wheel we will have in the future,
  11. Dungeon Loot Bidding

    Again you wont be noticing the problem now, but when it comes to later stage and gold buyers, rich merchants, and hoarders appear. Getting the items will become more difficult specially if the market price for an item goes up too high. In CN its possible to get a 3000G market worth item with only 300G in dgn by an hoarder/merchant/gold buyer, when rest of ppl in dgn party on average has only about 300G-, so even with the money from there they wont be able to afford the item in a long time. As for now you can start seeing difference on ppl offering on the moonwater tears and Merry Potter Recipes.
  12. Question.

    It does have several channels on each server, but every ch is packed on mushin. The only way to play with ur friends on diff server atm is to make a char on that server.
  13. I support this, I don't consider the current costumes being that expensive in relative to other games, however it being account bound will definitely allows me to purchase every single costume instead of the ones I like.
  14. Question.

    No i dont think its possible atm. The only transfer being allowed atm is to Transfer out of mushin, Where the queue is being ridiculous, and even with that they dont transfer your char progressions, so there's a lot of unrest going on with that right now.
  15. Account-bound Costumes?

    Id like to say all Nexon games are ridiculous, I shall curse their name in death > =(