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  1. This game is BS. I'm out.

    No, not every MMO has problems at launch of this magnitude. I wouldn't know about it not going smooth, I'm premium and on Poharan I've yet to have to queue. That doesn't take away the fact that the majority of people will _not_ waste their time waiting on queues. If I didn't have premium, I'd have uninstalled the first day when a 3 hour wait was due. If you think that's fine, that's great. I have better things to do. People are concerned about the game being a major disaster because they're screwing up the exact same things that killed their previous games. No change, nada. Same concept, same management, same lack of concern. But you keep on truckin' kid, you're obviously a BnS fan and that's awesome. Don't expect the rest of us to like everything just because the characters have big headlights.
  2. People leaving and crying

    What those defending queue times do not understand, and probably never will, since I'm going to bank that they're all 16-20, is that the majority of F2P - hell even premium - that complain about queue times are people with better things to do than wait 1-2 hours to even start playing a game. The average joe will not sit on his ass for an hour to try to get into a game, it's as simple as that. Bitching about these people just reinforces the fact that you obviously have the time to waste, which is fine. Just don't expect other people to want to waste their time.
  3. This game is BS. I'm out.

    NO GAME has a queue system like this. Not a single decent successful MMO has a queue system this bad. There is no reason whatsoever that a game manufacturer with this much experience *cricket*s up this badly on their launch. And to the people saying "every launch has its problems". No, they really don't. You're just lying to yourself. No launch I've participated in had this many people uninstalling after less than 3 days, had this many people frustrated, had this bad of a support system, nor was this greedy and the biggest one: was this unconcerned about their F2P players. Wish I hadn't spent 75 bucks. Back to GW2. :)
  4. Hi. We've recently started playing BnS and while we quite enjoy it, I've been looking for answers to some of these questions from someone who's been playing this and could explain it to us noobs. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a derp look on my face when I think about the gear mechanics. BnS does differ from 'traditional' MMOs in that regard. Disclaimer: I've googled, used the wiki (which really doesn't have much) and used somewhat common sense to answer them on my own, but I'd still like to get confirmation... I'd just like to point out that we come from GW2, where gear is specifically broken down into tiers (lowest tier to highest, e.g. weapons/armor/trinkets ranges are white(lowest)/blue/green/yellow/orange/pink/purple(highest). Purple being legendary and not easy to acquire. 1. I saw someone mention legendary gear, I figure it's fairly end-game but are there gear tiers in BnS? 2. I understand that there is only cosmetic armor, and thus it's fairly irrelevant to PvE, but what about accessories? Is it better to just use the story ones and then evolve them, or buy them on the marketplace, or from an NPC? 3. Weapons, should we be using the main story weapon and keep evolving it, or should we be buying level-dependent ones from the marketplace/NPCs? Can you craft them, and if so, is it worth it? I saw someone mentioning Pirate (?) weapon at 45 that you buy from an NPC for 100g? 4. Soulshields, I've noticed you keep getting different types whenever you zone into a new area. Should we just keep one set from the start and evolve it up? Or use new ones as we progress even if we don't have the full set? Thanks in advance and sorry for the noobness, but we're fairly competitive and would like to get an idea from the get-go so we don't go "aw *cricket* I NPC'd that four months ago".