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  1. I know it's not the developers fault but please we need some kind of rebalancing between factions. At midnight alot of Ceruleans showed up to kill Blackwyrm and terrors in Misty ; then we decided to try SSP out again and damn that was alot of fun. I bet alot of Ceruleans (including myself) miss mining in SSP . @Babbletr0n please guys work on some kind of balancing :( and dont tell me to just switch factions x.x
  2. NcSoft can we please get some sort of faction balance soon? The faction balance in EU Group 1 got way out of control. The Legion is outnumbering the Order by a approx ratio from 1 to 15. Its not fun seeing Legion-members killing lowbies in misty woods or grabbing them from the respawn tend and throwing them down to get their daily kill quest done. I am someone who is very loyal to my faction and I could never switch to the other side. I also like this whole idea behind two faction people are free to choose, but yea faction balance really needs to get done.... My idea would be to make : for example) add a new ssp channel which you can only join in a 24man pt (24man pts will be added soon,alrdy in Kr/tw/ch clients.). You need to gather 24 Ceruleans and 24 crimsons, and instead of capturing konta or the other guy to get the mining phase to start you need to defead the other faction in order to claim that channel for your faction! Upon claiming the faction which won will only be able to switch to that ch and the channel will be claimed for 24hours. I think this will be a good idea because honestly we NEED some kind of balance asap,new faction content will be added in the future and it would suck if one side can only benefit from that. Ps pls dont say : just change factions! I invested too much money on my clan and I really love the Order and everyone else in their servers "underdog" faction might understand this. Edit : It would also help if the Crimson/Cerulean Intel quest drops from the Warriors/Colonels. This and killing Tend-Boss are the only way to get soulstones for the non-dominating faction...
  3. 1) Players complain that moonstones are hard/somewhat difficult to get 2) NCWest is adding more ways to get moonstones 3) Players complain that they cant make money with moonstones anymore. fml.
  4. Warning for anyone who run Heaven Mandate !!!

    Name shaming is against the ToS dude...
  5. Sending outfits from one to another server

    Can I send my outfit from server A to server B?(both on the same account of course)
  6. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Big bro and younger brother </3! lol
  7. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Here is my Chi Master/Soul fighter present (inspired from Romeo21 ^^)
  8. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    damn pls gimme your profile!!! D:
  9. Unlock the Chi Master

    Oh wow thought the chi master will be released on the 1th. :( So sad x.x I want to play it now ... I don't want to play classes which I wont main till the CM arrives
  10. Edits or Cheathers in this game..

    This topic will most likely be closed in some mins because you did not censore their names which is not allowed to do in the forums
  11. Unlock the Chi Master

    I hope they will release it soon (this month please :c) so I can learn how to master it and main it for the rest of my life because this class is freakin awesome. Some may say the SF/CM DMG output is too low.. but screw it. Even tho the dmg isnt that great I can heal; revive; have melee and ranged ice attacks; blocks; iframes. Darn it I want it so bad now!
  12. Chi Master release date

    Anyone knows the release date of the chi master already? I am so excited to try this class out. I love the KFM but I can't play melees in crowded areas with more then 20+ players and ranged classes sometimes have an advantage over melees cuz they can go pewpewpew and get their rewards while melees sometimes lag sooo hard that they fail to obtain those rewards. Oh and I love healing/supporting so another reason why I can't wait anymoreeeeeee
  13. Failed to connect to server

    Next time tell us like 30mins b4 you are gonna shut the servers down. Not 5mins before :(.
  14. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    I feel so badass with my Lyn :DD