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  1. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    i'd rather grind monsters ( which can be diverse, cause u dont always farm the same spot and same enemies , and maybe rare mobs ) and feels more rewarding and fun, then doing the same 40 dailies every day >__________>
  2. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    do you even know what grinding means? grinding = killing monsters to get gold/loot in this game, u get loot that is worth 1c-20c, and they dont give much exp, neither do they give any useful loot, that is not grinding, its a joke.
  3. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    won't come back, only if they actually make monsters drop useful stuff, that is worth something, and silver/gold.
  4. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    lag is always lag = network, there is no fps lag, its called stuttering.... ffs... get it right then it just means that your pc is utter trash. have a gtx970, could play on russian beta with no problems and +60fps i dont care if there is a cashshop and i can sell stuff, my point is that people that dont spend money can get gold easily themselves without having to rely on dailies.
  5. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    and there again, russian version, completely different, its really stupid what you say because: u play on russian servers, and complain about lag na/eu version is more westernized obviously. and no our version is not p2w... since its b2p. false impressions cause u play the wrong version from a faraway country. check cbt eu/na footage for actual impressions.
  6. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    i play since f2p release , daily, 10 hours a day. gtfo u filthy casual, i know what im talking about. u dont get my point, in B&S u MUST do dailies in order to get gold and upgrades. in BDO, u can grind, do dungeons/raids, do pvp, rely on RNGesus to get rare loot, craft, all that in order to get gold. which makes it so much more solid. and at least u can do something together with your friends/clan, i mean something actually impactful.
  7. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    why are u saying this game has the same endgame like every other mmorpg? it is simply not true. u cant grind for gold. u cant farm some recipes for crafting in the outside world. u cant do something challenging with your clan together. it is just plain boring and not rewarding. in BDO u can grind for gold, in WoW u can grind for gold, could list plenty more titles... and my reason for not playing tagteam, i already stated, people are too dumb to figure out summoner especially after the buff, which makes it even worse. " EU work time " , most people dont work between 13:00 - 21:00 (1pm to 9pm) they work from 5:00-15:00 or 8:00-16:00 or something like that depends on your job... but thats the average time... also how is it nonsense, if its true, grind is a joke in this game it doesnt make money, dailies are boring as fuq, and already failed in WoW.
  8. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    cant be more boring than pve in this game. no way in hell. and at least u make money through grinding, unlike in this game. plus i saw enough of CBT footage from europe. and people should stop comparing the eu/na version of bdo with the asian/russian version they are completely different.
  9. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    dont get me wrong i like this combatsystem and i like the 1v1 arena because it is balanced no matter what gear. BUT -pve is boring, every day the same dailies until cap, the same dungeons that are easy btw... nothing clan/team related basically ( im not considering the 24 man "dungeon" ) something worth mentioning. -open pvp is basically p2w, gold = better gear "upgrades" = higher damage, there is people buying gold from illegitimate sources, and i heard soon we get the currency exchange (so people will be able to buy gold with ncoins i guess?) but this is just speculating and my opinion -tag team isnt balanced like 1v1, at least i heard that, also because of summoner and the community itself i dont feel like playing it. -feedback from surveys doesnt seem to be taken serious, summoner got buffed even tho people were complaining. (i personally dont care, im just showing how they dont listen) -europe maintenance is a joke, and ncsoft doesnt even seem to care, its like someone is telling me to F*** off. normally grinding monsters would mean = GOLD or at least useful items, not in this case, everything is worth 1-20 coppers , which is like a fart in the wind, and nothing useful drops that i could use directly for upgrading basically, crafting was good at start, now it is just total waste of time, the good stuff drops through these secret recipes that drop rarely in dungeons and u get outbid on it anyways. most stuff costs more to produce than it sells for. i really hope that this game will be good someday, and improves and they actually listen to their customers/playerbase. my friends already got tired of it, so am i getting tired of it. feels like getting burnout. and i already heard enough of people complaining about the same on my server. just the 1v1 arena isnt enough to keep me in the game.
  10. Mainatainance extended!

    first of all that anime is garbage, second of all that anime is fanservice full of ecchi. they ruined the potential of an anime.
  11. Mainatainance extended!

    im gonna buy and play black desert, fuq this rude way of communication/handling europe. 1. maintenance is always longer 2. they don't split na maintenance from eu maintenance 3. they didn't even listen to feedback from forums/surveys 4. balance is still garbage, they think we just wait for the next patch. 5. too many bugs/errors/localisationproblems even tho the game released so late. 6. pve got basically NOTHING to offer, besides boring dungeons that are stale and dailies everyday... 7. open pvp is sometimes kindah dead at least on my server... crimson legion are too scared, even tho they are "more", even worse if the servers are connected and noone from crimson pvp's in the open 8. open pvp and pve is kindah p2w anyways , more gold = better gear = easier and higher chance to win/notdie 9. prices in hongmoon store are completely weird 10. i didn't reach daily dash costume nr. 100 ( even tho i played since release ) , im guessing it was intended so only premiums reach it, or just a few handful with RNG luck 11. rng in this game is a b . . . . 12. farming daily (dailies) just to upgrade your weapons, and having the economy based around expensive crafts and boring dailies is bad. could list more, i was so hyped for this game, and i like the combatsystem, but this "company" and "communication" and "problems" is too much for me. this didn't happen the first time. im sick of this.
  12. Start leveling your Summoner!!!

    how so? they in my eyes, are already kindah "STRONG"/"OP" anyone is complaining, maybe its most likely noobs, still the class is so easy to play, and yet dishes so much damage out, can heal itself easily , and even has a tankpet :X well... i think ill easily rek some scrubs until i get to diamond. time to abuse the class. and now they even get buffed. tagteam is basically unplayable cause all the noobs ( 2 of random people in my group ) get already rekt by 1 summoner. maybe cause they are bad, still this only works with summoner as enemy else the noobs arent so handicapped.
  13. Start leveling your Summoner!!!

    they get buffed. LOL free elo for summoners, time to get to diamond with smashing buttons. im gonna level mine, i hope you have fun rerolling, cause im definetely gonna have fun.
  14. Wheel of fate

    the rng kindah sux in this game, true... it took me 5-6 hours to get full golden deva outfit, just to let it sit on the bank, i just wanted to collect it :p. the worst to farm tho, is pinchy... spent like 200 essences and only got the outfit. no tail or head. and the worst about it is, that he hides every 20% below the sand, even if u try to grab him u might get some more % down... but still u only get 2-3 essences depending on damage, if u suck only 1. thats the real nightmare to farm. the others are all easy, pinchy needs a nerf basically. or rng buff.