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  1. Warden is Weak

    Just gonna drop this here.
  2. I've done this before, but when I was new at editing. I'm still new
  3. Fix levitating characters

    that's actually a problem with your own settings, not the game. I don't remember which setting fixes it, so just try maxing out everything.
  4. Even then, 3.5 mil damage? Look, not even fully geared gunners in KR reach passed the 1.5mil mark, and that's being generous. If its fire, then their burst is definitely the best in the game(tombstone into bulletstorm), but it comes and goes as quickly as soulburn and blue buff. They have very little in terms of actual defensive skills, and only their most precious and cooldown heavy skills pierce through parry and defense. They are what warlock was supposed to be; a true glass cannon.
  5. Warlock Instant Dragoncall Delay

    Happens all the time with wingstorm as well, and it simply needs a fix. Theres this awkward period between siphon applying and the time you can instant cast where it transitions really slow, but you're still able to cast. Removing that transition and making it instant will fix many of these problems.
  6. What is cheaper in Upgrading weapon path?

    Delaying your raven as long as you can is cheaper than going to raven asap. So after you finish seraph/bale, head to dawngforge/riftwalk until you have to upgrade to raven.
  7. Warlock DragonCall

    No, the extra dragoncall will never cast another dragon, that would be stupid. In theory you could indefinitely cast dragoncall by itself if that were the case. I don't know where you got the idea that the extra one 'should' cast yet another extra dragon, but that was never a thing. The secondary cast only applies to manual dragoncalls, not the free ones.
  8. Badges

    Holy fire and skyrift
  9. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    Now I've brought my preset over from KR And a video to dedicate
  10. Gunner class for Lyn?

    -sigh- http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/forums/topic/195747-project-lyn/ Go to town. I'm putting one in between the eyes if I see a rat with a six shooter server side.
  11. It's not a lvl 55 thing. It shows you the debuff uptime for dark mark, which is a debuff you apply by using your 3F combo. It doesn't specifically tell you exactly what the debuff does, but I assume the mark either does some kind of DoT or takes more damage during its up time. The meter shown on the target shows how long the debuff lasts. EDIT: Yes your RMB is enhanced when a target is dark marked
  12. So ! What do you think about the gunner guys ?

    Mighty fine I'm not good... not bad....but I sure as hell ain't ugly.
  13. hm skillbook change

    This is actually ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed and NCSOFT knows it. Not only did I waste my time farming cold storage, they didn't bother telling us until how recently before patch?
  14. Gunslinger weapon models

    Ca-can we just... Better? please!
  15. Unfortunately I'm not too good with summoners. All I can say is the sooner you can get rid of their cat, the better; half their kit is cat dependent and they're sitting rats without them. Maybe in the lower ranks you can focus their cat from inside an anti-target sanctum so the summoner doesn't have many options to attack you while the cat takes damage. However they can put their cat into a defensive state to protect them, so it's at this point that you may want to go for the summoner; I'm not sure if they can cancel it early, but I'd imagine if they do they'd have a long cooldown to deal with before they can do it again, so refocus the cat if it so happens they try to use them to save their furry hide and leave the rat helpless. In higher ranks though, I'm fairly certain most sums won't give you a chance and fill your screen with a garden before you wind up dead. Use your bastion wisely because they can easily 5-point strike it and waste it. save your thralls Q incase you need to make an escape, which you will; Sums are pretty much the rulers of crowd control and annoyance in the game, you need to play it safe.
  16. combat record...

    I see people are STILL being really paranoid about this even with all evidence to the contrary, so I'm just going to post this everytime.
  17. Shadow Warlock Earring

    Yes you would be going for largely the same gear, however you'll want to go for the ice version of the BT elemental accessories; this goes for all classes in general at BT level.
  18. lyn gunslinger please

    Y'see my friend, in this world there are two kinds of races: Those with loaded guns, and those who dig; Lyn dig.
  19. Dead Reckoning Set...

    Yes a release of a worse-looking colored version of an exclusive outfit that not only was released nearly 2 years ago, nearly none of the founders that bought it are still around. Exclusivity is the scum of marketing, and while I like the original colors better, I think this is fine too.
  20. Gunslinger weapon models

    My question is why the hell don't we have the gun skins that leerok and soha use? Those are really cool looking with dragon engravings, and they look like a REAL six shooter
  21. Came back from a long break.

    mmm, no lots of things are still there. The only things they removed was snare on SS (curse them for this) and CD resets on soulburn. You will notice you can't mix elements anymore, so what your looking for may be in another build. Unless you can name the skill, I can't help you.
  22. Shadow Warlock Earring

    -Yes, focus on gearing up for BT and obtain both your shadow accessories. Draken ring and earring are inferior to their BT counterparts, and thus it's better to simply save your legendary jewels for them instead. -Zakhan earring is going to be your first instance of elemental damage, and is also relatively cheap to upgrade to max; go ahead and max it. When you get phantasm, ditch it. -Since your ring is already at this point, just go ahead and keep it for now. -Belt is more for your defense, and is also a much more rare drop than the necklace. Go for necklace first, I've seen it drop more than any other legendary; however if you come across any other draken accessory, don't shy away from bidding on it; you'll need them all eventually. -Your accessory setup ideally should be your Oath necklace, eternity belt, tiger bracelet, phantasm earring, and penumbra ring; along with your primal force soul badge and Pulse mystic badge. -Your main motivation for leveling your seraph weapon is the seraph effect, which decreases the cooldown of leech by 30% by stage 10. This pairs VERY well with the primal force soulbadge and multiple wingstorm casts as they all end up resetting your essential skills for your rotation. You'll basically be in your soulburn rotation 90%, if not 100% of the time with an insane siphon uptime. Additional gem slots is fine, and ideally you'll want to have all 6 by stage 10, but it's not the biggest concern. -As for additional advice, please don't use MSP 8 once you have your badge. You'll almost never be using rupture during siphon state afterwards, so find a good replacement 3piece set; I recommend 3 piece xanos as it's basically EC, DT, and NF SS effect all in 3 pieces.
  23. First of all, you must know that there is a neutral meta in pvp compared to pve. Because all classes are equipped with several defensive options which normal mobs will almost never use, there are certain steps one has to keep in mind before they start doing damage. Know that if you burn your opponents options for CC escapes, you can essentially win the fight. Achieving this goal takes a bit of knowledge; for example, you have to know what kind of options the specific class has against you offensively and defensively, as well as their escapes should they fail. For example, if you are fighting a SF then you may be inclined to block many of their attacks as several of them do not pierce parry; however they have a specific spec for their F skill that immediately approaches and dazes you right through your spammable block should they choose to spec it (and they should, seeing as how it's warlocks most neutral defense); they also have 7 ways of i-framing themselves which also acts as their main mobility, one of which is a bubble iframe that withstands 5 hits, but will end immediately if you throw lmbs into it 5 times. Kit knowledge of other classes is VERY important in pvp as you can more easily identify counter-kits for your given situation. One general thing you should know is your basic burst combo; each class has a different way of doing damage all at once, and several of them consist of airborne combos (only very few classes can escape this CC type, summoner for example can). WL's will generally stun the enemy and have thrall (specc'd with void slash) launch them into the air, during which WL bombards them with RMBs and 4s. Before the combo ends, they will relaunch you with 2 (HM skill launches twice, I highly recommend you get this skill) and repeat this process for massive damage. If the opponent tries to use their escape after they land, time your 3 daze or x stun (depending on what you have available) in accordance with your opponents iframe uptime to recatch them in a CC, activate time distortion to reset your 2, and do it all over again. If this is all successful, you've most likely won the round because that combo does a massive amount of damage. This is all assuming you're shadow build btw, which is largely accepted as the better build for pvp. If both of you know a good amount of what you're doing, whoever wins the footsies in the neutral game wins the round. What will usually happen is both opponents will have exhausted half their resources trying to counterplay each others offense and defense, so most of the damage will come from small opportunities in which some lets their guard down. Maybe another WL blew their Z on a bait rather than a serious offensive attempt, or a SF is out of Qs/Es/SSs and can't escape a snare CC leaving them vulnerable. You should always have something in your kit off cooldown that will bail you out of a situation before you lose too much health; there are even sometimes you want to stall your escapes in hopes that your opponent uses too many of their CC's to keep their combo going, then escape after you're sure they can't recatch or 'tech chase' you. It's these kinds of things you want to keep in mind when going into PVP. Now to answer some questions: -As I've said in my SF example, it's very situational when you 'want' to block; however keep in mind that specc'd to airborne, a successful block against any attack will allow you to launch your opponent, no matter where they are. Be aware that you opponent may expect this and put up a defensive measure, so its you must learn whether its best to hold off on that F key to see if they'll take the bait, or use it right away in the surprise of the moment. Know what classes have a 'pierce defensive skills' ability and which don't, and recognize whether or not they've burnt it mid battle to decide when it's best to use your block. -Bastion should always be used as a defensive option against people too close to you. Your job as a warlock is doing damage from a safe distance and making the get away if people get too close; against other ranged classes, you'll want to obstruct their ability to target you as much as possible. Moving out of their range, speccing 'disable targeting' sanctum, and using thrall as a meatshield are all good ways. -Refer to what I said about your main combo; if you have the appropriate spec and Hm skills, your salvos are instantly cast on CC'd targets, and therefore give you free helix's. -Refer to above. You don't want to cast salvo the normal way; make sure your skills are specc'd to be pvp compatible. -Your AoE soul shackle is a risky spec since many classes can simply backstep out of it, and you lose the potential to do your max burst combo (which requires the launch spec) As such, I only recommend it for classes you know will be highly immobile. -Thrall is your best friend in pvp, he will shield you from being targeted, combo with you, and can bail you out of a CC for free (your q can be used even when CC'd). Keep him out and close as much as possible. -When a sin stealths, they do so with one of 2 intentions: Stalling, and a free CC. During this time, you want have your defensive skills at the ready; sins have a feint figure when stealth'd, but you must learn to spot them in it. If you see them approaching too close, put down a sanctum so they can't CC you and it will either draw out the stealth timer, or force them to show themselves prematurely; if your sanctum is down, keep thrall close or use your z. Have SOME defensive measure to keep them from pulling off their combo. Your wingstorm can also be used without a target, and is auto-fire; hitting a sin with this will end their stealth as well, All in all, just play a lot of pvp; you WILL get VERY frustrated at times, but in order to learn and apply all these things, you have to go in and get your hands dirty until you understand for yourself. Do yourself a favor and go watch some other WL pvp videos as well; study from the masters, learn from their successes, mistakes and failures as you do your own. Have fun.