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  1. Warden is Weak

    Just gonna drop this here.
  2. Fix levitating characters

    that's actually a problem with your own settings, not the game. I don't remember which setting fixes it, so just try maxing out everything.
  3. Even then, 3.5 mil damage? Look, not even fully geared gunners in KR reach passed the 1.5mil mark, and that's being generous. If its fire, then their burst is definitely the best in the game(tombstone into bulletstorm), but it comes and goes as quickly as soulburn and blue buff. They have very little in terms of actual defensive skills, and only their most precious and cooldown heavy skills pierce through parry and defense. They are what warlock was supposed to be; a true glass cannon.
  4. Warlock Instant Dragoncall Delay

    Happens all the time with wingstorm as well, and it simply needs a fix. Theres this awkward period between siphon applying and the time you can instant cast where it transitions really slow, but you're still able to cast. Removing that transition and making it instant will fix many of these problems.
  5. What is cheaper in Upgrading weapon path?

    Delaying your raven as long as you can is cheaper than going to raven asap. So after you finish seraph/bale, head to dawngforge/riftwalk until you have to upgrade to raven.
  6. Warlock DragonCall

    No, the extra dragoncall will never cast another dragon, that would be stupid. In theory you could indefinitely cast dragoncall by itself if that were the case. I don't know where you got the idea that the extra one 'should' cast yet another extra dragon, but that was never a thing. The secondary cast only applies to manual dragoncalls, not the free ones.
  7. Badges

    Holy fire and skyrift
  8. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    Now I've brought my preset over from KR And a video to dedicate
  9. Gunner class for Lyn?

    -sigh- http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/forums/topic/195747-project-lyn/ Go to town. I'm putting one in between the eyes if I see a rat with a six shooter server side.
  10. It's not a lvl 55 thing. It shows you the debuff uptime for dark mark, which is a debuff you apply by using your 3F combo. It doesn't specifically tell you exactly what the debuff does, but I assume the mark either does some kind of DoT or takes more damage during its up time. The meter shown on the target shows how long the debuff lasts. EDIT: Yes your RMB is enhanced when a target is dark marked
  11. So ! What do you think about the gunner guys ?

    Mighty fine I'm not good... not bad....but I sure as hell ain't ugly.
  12. hm skillbook change

    This is actually ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed and NCSOFT knows it. Not only did I waste my time farming cold storage, they didn't bother telling us until how recently before patch?
  13. Gunslinger weapon models

    Ca-can we just... Better? please!
  14. Unfortunately I'm not too good with summoners. All I can say is the sooner you can get rid of their cat, the better; half their kit is cat dependent and they're sitting rats without them. Maybe in the lower ranks you can focus their cat from inside an anti-target sanctum so the summoner doesn't have many options to attack you while the cat takes damage. However they can put their cat into a defensive state to protect them, so it's at this point that you may want to go for the summoner; I'm not sure if they can cancel it early, but I'd imagine if they do they'd have a long cooldown to deal with before they can do it again, so refocus the cat if it so happens they try to use them to save their furry hide and leave the rat helpless. In higher ranks though, I'm fairly certain most sums won't give you a chance and fill your screen with a garden before you wind up dead. Use your bastion wisely because they can easily 5-point strike it and waste it. save your thralls Q incase you need to make an escape, which you will; Sums are pretty much the rulers of crowd control and annoyance in the game, you need to play it safe.