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  1. Kinda. If you don't have premium from the beginning of leveling a new character, there will be 1 or 2 points early on (around level 18-20, its happened to me on 2 different characters) that you wont be able to do the next story because you're just 1 level under the requirement. Otherwise the whole story is doable without a single blue quest.
  2. They make this a bundle, sure okay. But not letting us get the accessories separately rubs me the wrong way. I'm not interested in the swimsuit, only the hat. Not paying 3 times the worth of that hat to obtain it.
  3. Please salvage the weapon you have as well (because no one ever seems to mention this important bit), as salvaging it will give you a stronger weapon to carry you on for a while. If it happens to become an ivorymoon weapon after salvaging, keep it as ivorymoon is the weapon you will now be upgrading. After you first arrive in silverfrost, the story will start rewarding you with materials for your weapon upgrade; please do not carelessly discard any of these things as some of them are a pain to farm for again (eg. Tormented weapon) Also, keep your hm accessories. Leveling those to their cap will not only give you better stats than most of the pinnacle set, but can also be salvaged for legendary jewels for upgrading legendary accessories when you get them. I recommend investing in getting your weapon to legendary first before upgrading hm accessories; lastly, please be sure you know which legendary is better for your class (baleful or seraph), switching between them because you chose the wrong one comes at abit of a cost.
  4. Here's mine http://i.imgur.com/2LhraoO.gif
  5. You have to go to the support page and send a ticket in, they'll do 'something' about it. If you get a cool GM, they'll probably reactivate it for you, if not they'll just remove it.
  6. What? Where do you see that? If you're talking about the images showing lyn, they're only showing off costumes for events. Lyn gunner to my knowledge isn't a thing, regardless of the mesh swap mods you may have seen, or the word 'lyn' within a paragraphs proximity to the word 'gunner' in an article you may have read. Quite frankly I hope it stays that way.
  7. What for ice? shadow? Do you know how good it is to have cooldown reduction on the magnum badge using ice build? The amount of dragoncalls you push out essentially doubles if you're a warlock worth your salt and do a decent rotation. Shadow build basically wouldn't exist without primal force either, the badge practically makes the rotation function correctly and fluidly; combined with seraph stage 10, and you're always in siphon pushing out helix's every half-second. You can't do that without the badge allowing you to skip purple volley during siphon. Sure, it's not raw numbers but your damage WILL increase because of the vastly improved rate of attack the badges grant you; please actually take time to understand the class, what it's capable of, and what the badges do for your build before you make bold statements like this.
  8. Earlier on twitter, they've assured us the DDoS attacks had ceased. I wouldn't be surprised people did their important dungeons with this in mind. Something needs to be done for people locked out of raid; regular dungeons maybe not, but this is an organized 24-man instance with rare drops that may not even appear and a 1 time a week lock out we're talking about
  9. It's a DDoS attack, nothing to do with your internet. My whole clan is having issues too, all at the same time.
  10. Whoever is behind the DDoS is going all in; my whole party disconnected and can't relog. Something needs to be done about this.
  11. I really wish they had more hairstyles, particularly some race locked ones. New KFM Gunner preset
  12. I heard it was magnumfor shadow, but I have no idea what exactly it does so don't quote me on it. As for me, I have the same question, but for Fire build (yeah yeah, I know). Best soulbadge for fire build maestro?
  13. If you're trying to find any BNS soundtrack, this guy has pretty much all of them uploaded and up to date. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSylky/videos
  14. It's actually the best time to re-roll or make new characters because of how easy it is to obtain everything you need now. Story quest and KV quest essentially gets you up to 50 HM 5 at the very least, gives you your HM gems, soul, pet, and materials for upgrading to true ivorymoon stage 10 (legendary straight afterwards). You'll likely end off your leveling experience over 600AP which is more than enough for mid-tier purple dungeons. You don't even need premium stones until stage 8 legendary I believe. Yes re-rolling is very doable at this point.