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  1. I really wish they had more hairstyles, particularly some race locked ones. New KFM Gunner preset
  2. If you're trying to find any BNS soundtrack, this guy has pretty much all of them uploaded and up to date. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSylky/videos
  3. Shaolin style Bo staff, or Naginata (Slashing spear) no doubt Gunner would be first, but we're already getting it.
  4. Back to jin, and I really love the new look compared to the old one :'D
  5. Never antagonize a warlock, even if it looks like a kid.
  6. At candycloud with master "Over here cricket" "smile cricket!"
  7. Since change to lyn and I'm still loving howl at the moon I wish they had better ears/tail, none of them truly satisfied me. There's nothing more I hate than tall stick-like lyn, so I made her as body proportionate as I could.
  8. This forum needs spoilers, because huge dump I've obsessed over this costume for the longest and bought it the second I logged in.
  9. Big dump Me and my friend acting dumb fite me Lyn child SF fite me v.2 Potential race change?
  10. Most free gon outfits suck. (sticks with HM uniform) Makeover With a friend
  11. Finally got duster on a mandate run Shadow dragon powers are cool
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