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  1. I think there was a way to increase the slider limit since they are client side. Don't remember where I saw it but with some googling think you can manage to find it. If you looked through the korean character presets you might've noticed that some of them were more "gifted" than what you can do in game right now.
  2. I only get objects popping a few steps before my character only if I put the object view distance at 50% or lower. At max the grass for example renders all the way to the horizon.
  3. Pay2Play doesn't work. Other than WoW, every mmo that I know off moved to free2play with micro transactions. gw, aion, la2, tera from the top of my head, all those were subscription based, and they failed.
  4. This game is Korean, is the wardrobe free on the KR server? If not then this thread is pointless, if it is, how come it's a luxury that you have to pay for on na/eu but it's a regular game feature for KR?
  5. I wouldn't mind wardrobe being for premium only if they let us get more inventory/bank space. But guess what other stuff is behind a paywall? inv and bank space. I'm sitting with a full bank expanded 2 rows, 1 and a half row in inv. I don't even have half of the outfits available in game, its full of mats, fod, and consumables, I stopped getting outfits.
  6. If they're gonna make me pay for the basic stuff such as inventory/bank space(not even tradeable), then lock game features behind a paywall then the founder pack money they got from me is also the last they'll see. Simple as that.
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