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  1. How is this balanced or fair?

    I feel you man, I used to stomp noobs so hard but now it's so hard, can't even take a sip of my coffee while fighting anymore cause I have to have my hand on the keyboard to control my cat which is like a second character...
  2. What happened to esports?

    PvP is dead, when you get 3 min queue at 1600 you know it's over.
  3. Sounds like a "I constantly hit parries and rek myself" kind of case.
  4. Gameguard bug

    There's this bug, gameguard got installed on my pc without my permission, slowing down my game down from 40-50fps to 20-30fps in arena. fix pls.
  5. Unlock the Chi Master

    Yeah buddy, ill let you think you impacted their schedule. Not like we've got patches faster than any other region, or that they're trying to bring west on the same step east is, your thread made them push patches faster alright.
  6. Unlock the Chi Master

    Want it as much as you want, did you see them release the warlock earlier because ppl made these threads every day? You're just wasting your time here, bet they didn't even open this thread.
  7. Unlock the Chi Master

    This thread again? Are we gonna see this again on a daily basis? The only thing that changed is "warlock" to "chi master" lol
  8. Legitimate combat class complaints.

    Still, whats weird with that?
  9. Legitimate combat class complaints.

    Whats weird about their dodge?
  10. I hate to say it but.

    This game's main focus is arena pvp, there are people who play the whole day and they don't even touch pve, they just get out of the arena lobby to spend their zen beans and then go right back in. I can say the same about pve, we don't need people searching profit in pve, it's meant to be there for fun.
  11. I hate to say it but.

    Untradeable soulstones = no profit for pvp'ers unless they craft...and we all know how tedious that is.
  12. new player pvp questions

    Are there any other kind of quests than kill,collect,escort, or chat with other npc? Like what do you want a quest to be?
  13. Good thing I made another bm for this event :D
  14. Yes. Everyone who is low plat should be in gold, most of gold players should be in silver or low gold. Bots are free rating.