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  1. Madun's Preset?

    hope it works or look at
  2. Falsches Event?

    nicht ganz, im englischen forum wurde schon gesagt, dass sie es zu früh rein gepatcht haben ^^ soll wohl nächste woche starten ^^
  3. Balrog

    damit Balrog kommt, musst man die anderen 3 Bosse mitmachen im Gebiet. und dann kommen in der mitte schamen, die man umhaut und schwups is er da ^^
  4. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    Gunner time xD
  5. [suggestion]Gunner for Gon

    yepp the sexy bayonetta twins and i think they are SF, the firsts sf ingame ^^ and the girl on msp set, its like WLs just random char ^^
  6. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    new preset ^^´´ but i think i will take normal blond style xD
  7. [suggestion]Gunner for Gon

    yepp they are are gons, the same as in lil tomb ;) just in the DT they both have yun dance fun fact: The guy there has male lyn dance 2 and the cobalt twins (bsh) arnt yun too, they are Jins...just saw that on a screenshot i took. they have no spikey ears and the one eye tatoo from the red haired only for jins ^^
  8. Requiemwaffenkiste

    ein wenig runterscrollen im threat lynxi hat sie da gepostet
  9. B&S movie

    this is better as the anime for jpn server start ^^
  10. grafikfehler

    hab da grad nen kleinen grafikfehler beim durchstöbern der Gadrobe entdeckt
  11. Post Your 2017 Swimsuit Screens!

    *-* i love the small wings *-*
  12. F10

    0.50min he shows the weapon skins
  13. fortune falls dungeon

    Event Dungeon gives 8 Cocktails Quest: press J read letter -> talk to the guy left from entrace -> then talk to the frog inside dundeon left from entrace
  14. Post Your 2017 Swimsuit Screens!

    My Main WL and my sweetie SM having some summerfun x3
  15. Peacock weapon