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  1. Was not able to attend last week so was curious is this weeks live stream at 10am or 4pm pst today since they alternate each week. thanks!
  2. Question: When will we be getting the battle pets(that offer small buffs) Or will they not come to our version?
  3. Staff Hosted This Person He Seems Fun

    Acutally this guy an ass hole sorry to be rude avoid his stream if i could delete this I would.
  4. Staff Hosted This Person He Seems Fun

    lol not paid was saying he was hosted by a staff member for the game...follow if ya in his stream if ya like it
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/yuketsu come watch if ya bored:P or have time to spare I will say I am not him lol just asked if I could post it he said do whatever...(young folks) but yeah still seems like a good streamer.
  6. I GOT BANNED!! Why?????

    Deal with support via a ticket then because they will never respond to you personally on your issue in a forum
  7. Help: New Computer Specs

    also ya didnt list the memory for your amd I am a AMD fan so well:P Intel is the apple of cpu proc overpriced
  8. I GOT BANNED!! Why?????

    And that is what is called a false positive lol
  9. Banned and CS refusal to help?

    ah ok very odd:P never had that issue as well. But hope it gets sorted out for you.
  10. Chat is broken

    Nah its on their end its not us they will fix im sure or on it. Also the dev teams twitter is usually a good place to go https://twitter.com/bladeandsoulops but do not see anything yet on the chat issue and I tweeted them as well.
  11. I GOT BANNED!! Why?????

    Sometimes a false positive but yeah most bans are legit in all my years playing. banning people for no reason does nothing to further the game or company so I am sure majority are guilty.
  12. Banned and CS refusal to help?

    Not too be rude but your name in in itself is a BOT alert on forum....but I hope it all works out for you.
  13. it rotates each week next week will be 10am pst then 4pm pst the week after and so on.