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  1. Pretty sure OP is the winner of the outfit posing on a different account.
  2. So like pls tell me that those demon spirit stones are an out of season April fools joke?
  3. The thing is you just proved my point as many have bene playing this game as long as they have they know what parsing is they know how much damage thye should bring to the table. My point still stands. If you know ap decent equal dps then you would have stated that generally the more ap then chances are you have someone what decent which is actually untrue. You could have 1.1k ap and still rocking purples but rocking guilded gems to bypass that ap margin which still wont give you the edge because ur multipliers are lacking. I don't know why you even mentioned or even comparing a r
  4. The problem here is a lot of ppl are still using AP as a an indicator when that is so wrong. A 900+ap could out deeps a 1k+ player if his gear is actually in order. The community really cracks me up a lot every time I see ap mentioned in f8 or anywhere.
  5. Most of you are crying for all the wrong reasons. Basically some of you are just meeting warden players who don't know how to warden noted.
  6. The only reason do buy these boxes is for your ez mode VT badge which is all anyone will really want.
  7. Warlocks get more milage and damage out of TD anyway so its not bad for a warlock to go TD. Only the good warlocks know about this. Ofc my statement only applies to party play otherwise feel free to use ur thrall sacrifice outside the party.
  8. any idea what NPC I exchange that too?
  9. So I saw the from a youtube video that the rng box lets you trade in those purple tokens for a iron conquer medallion badge. What I want to know is will it give a random badge upon opening it or will it let you pick which one you want before opening it?
  10. More of my warden with my favorite Sealed Palace Raiment costume<3
  11. Teach me how to make a Gon like dis jesus....I fail horridly.
  12. You I love you, I want this for my Jin Q~Q~<3!
  13. We need more hairs and I would love to see Red Scarlet as well and *Ahem* Bikinis.
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