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  1. It's time for me to quit as well

    Not sure what point you're trying to make. But the MMOs I am referring to all have more players than BnS except for maybe one. Yet still somehow less people quit
  2. It's time for me to quit as well

    I've never seen so many quitting threads in proportion to other threads in any MMO forum before. Really says something about the state of the game. Also just noticed there's a person in this thread called "HackersRuinedIt". So.. yeah. Glad I jumped ship already.
  3. BDO VS BNS - pros n cons

    Just logged in to like this post. I can't express into words how much I agree with your post. That said, will still play BDO anyways because there's nothing else.
  4. I like grind but...

    Yes, much better. :) And what I expect from an MMORPG is the at least the RPG. Got the MMO part down though.
  5. I like grind but...

    Surprised to see people agree with me on this subject. I expected replies with something along the lines of "well if you don't like the game why are you playing?" or something. Not sure whether I should be disappointed or relieved. Anyways, I did the deed... *ventures back into the outside word* Wow this game so good, such high graphics.
  6. I like grind but...

    The grind in this game is literally just the same thing over and over again. Dungeons = fight mobs. Dailies = fight mobs. Level a new toon = fight mobs. PvP = fight more intelligent mobs. Other features are so broken or incomplete that I can't enjoy them, such as crafting and the story which I just ignore despite being interested because the voice acting and translation is just that bad. I knew this was themepark going in, but even GW2 and WoW has more variety. I really love the combat and world in this game and the PvP is interesting, but I feel like no matter where I am in the world I'm doing the same thing and that just really takes me out of the game not to mention it's boring. This is coming from someone who usually likes grindy MMOs, but even those have different ways to grind and maps & dungeons are not the same thing copied & pasted with a new skin as with this game. This game hardly even has any grind spots, so I can't even get creative with how I fight mobs. I can only follow the single path the game has laid out for me. After playing for a few months there's just no enjoyment anymore, even though I am still very hyped for the game. Sitting here trying to convince myself to uninstall, but can't quite bring myself to yet. Not really sure what to do. Maybe some forum salt will convince me to press the button :x
  7. @Pulmi I thought about posting the same thing but then I realized bots can be programmed to move and attack mobs.... : (
  8. A lot of these items are in the wardrobe long before how to obtain them is even announced. I check the wardrobe every patch, most of the time I don't see anything announced that isn't in there already. The treasure trove outfit is the only one of the ones you listed that is not currently in the game.
  9. You could always log in game and look at the wardrobe. Just sayin'
  10. Would much rather deal with bots then this.
  11. Stayed up all night, Level 44.

    I feel your pain... level 43 and a half here... And I would have made it too if it wasn't for those meddling (skeleton farming) kids!
  12. Discussion : A solution to a toxic community

    I stayed on topic if you would have cared to read the last line in my initial post, so don't get your kunai in a twist. Also, in my post I also talked about another group of people too. However I don't see what's irrelevant about talking about the toxicity as it is sort of why this thread was made? I've been playing MMOs for 10+ years and I've noticed a thing or two, that's all. People are taking my post way too seriously.
  13. Discussion : A solution to a toxic community

    Well for starters it's an anime game? A lot of toxic people I meet are known anime fans, either with an anime name or have talked about anime so I know they are. This is present in every anime MMO I've played.
  14. Regium Corvus and Warlocks

    @SoonTM Ah okay the wording was weird so it sounded like they were calling it one. Plus, when I filed a ticket about it no one ever told me they couldn't transfer the outfit because it wasn't a hongmoon store item, just that it had been over 7 days. Would be nice if someone from NCsoft would just tell us which it is...
  15. Regium Corvus and Warlocks

    Yeah don't bother with support, the warranty for items is like 7 seconds they won't help you. They should make exceptions for the regium corvus imo as it's technically NOT a hongmoon store item. Other games are not nearly so stingy with item transfers/restores, kinda makes me like this game a little less. The good new is however if they classify it has a hongmoon store item then that means the item transfer thingy should work on it. I hope ;-;