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  1. 4. It is only viable for casuals, BnS is far from casuals.
  2. The thing is, to do the latest content currently in the game, all you need is true scorpio weapon. Legendary is mostly just luxury, its good if you can afford it. its fine if you can't. No one is rushing you. As for me myself I can afford Legendary Ring, Neck & Stage 6 Baleful at the moment. But I chose to stay at Stage 3 Baleful with Legendary Ring that is stuck at stage 5. Why? cause I don't feel that I lacked the capability to do the latest content at all. And if you can't be satisfied with that, maybe you're just greedy. Which means you gotta try harder or go p
  3. And then there's another thread asking for price reduction.
  4. Well if you're a whale you could try sending them a ticket.
  5. 1. Suck it up 2. Suck it up 3. Suck it up 4. Either you don't know how to play summoner at all or just pure garbage 5. Suck it up
  6. i7 3k mobile series, gt 650m here. 1680x1050 res 60fps on idle, 30fps on boss, 15-20fps on soulburn. playable. if its laptop make sure to play it in aircon room as the heat will affect the performance.
  7. Well, the chance raised from 0.01% to 0.02% ain't exactly gonna get much better, even its two fold.
  8. Now don't drag all of us with your problem. I for one still be able to play smoothly from Oceanic region with 200ping. If they're unable to help you then quit and play alternative server such as TW. just, don't, drag, all, of, us, down. Bye
  9. So you crafted all at once and expect most of it will succeed? Well its rng so what do you expect? Seems like you're being salty cuz luck is not on your side. Experienced player wouldnt put it all in one try.
  10. seems like someone is being real salty on fm, on the other note, a single fm can easily handle all yeti mechanics.
  11. If you apply this in the real world, not every single person that work hard will eventually earn it though. But keeo going on, while i prepare my popcorn and you can provide the salts
  12. way to be *cricket*ed right in the ass, skin dropped, dc-ed, server went down. booya hell of a day
  13. The only reason your friend is vulnerable of the said hack is because they did something stupid, such as sharing their ID and password to suspicious phishing websites. I'm not saying that NCWest is doing good with their customer support, they are definitely lacking in speed of reply and how they solve the problem. However, this hacking problem can be easily avoided by adding 2nd step verification.
  14. Talking from FM view point, I have been doing Masts 4 man since the first day. If I run with PUG I would let them know before battling Taikhan like this, "On thorn mode, please iframe 1st jump, I'll sheath for 2nd and 3rd jumps" So far everything went well.
  15. You need to chill, Its always posted around 2 days before the maintenance. That would be incoming Tuesday.
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