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  1. I wont be leaving any time soon. Thanks for the offer though!
  2. To be honest your complaints are stupid af. Item transfer fiasco wasnt even directed for you, because you werent on Mushin or Windrest, so youre complaining. They would of never offered it if they didnt need to 'kick' people off the server. New servers not added? are you kidding me? Do you read the forums? Are you one of those people who say "Well if they did this then everything would be solved?" Here, let me pull a server out of my ass that can accommodate 4,000+ people instantly. They are adding 6 new servers, 4 na / 2 eu within the next day. The servers weren't monitored while we could create our characters 6~ days in advance, shame on them, and they are in the process to fix it. Within the first 30 minutes of the F2P Official release, they locked 3 servers because they were receiving too much attention. Honestly, who gives a flying star fk about someone stealing your name? The top 5 guild names / character names I had in my head were all 'stolen' from me. tldr; I just see someone who is just raising awareness that he is going to quit the game simply because things didnt go his way.
  3. Game Devs- Read This!!!!!!!!

    Send me a message anytime via the forums and ill be glad to assist you :)

    You would quit the game because of an RNG option? Ok. This doesnt make any sense to be honest. If they become account bound, then they would be even more difficult to acquire for everyone because you wouldnt be able to buy them via Marketplace. You said it yourself: You want them to make it even more difficult to obtain simply for your benefit of 1 item? -1 for Selfishness.
  5. Game Devs- Read This!!!!!!!!

    I was Lv41 (Maybe 1 day into launch) on Mushin before I realised that there was no way my friends would be able to join me on that server so I swapped to Old Man Cho. +1 to me for taking 1 for the team. Feel free to join us Sarlin c: Leveling is easier the second time around.
  6. Game Devs- Read This!!!!!!!!

    Fun fact: The reason that Mushin was so over-populated is because not only was it the first BETA-Released server (2 to follow it shortly), but also because a very large group from the BnS Subbreddit all agree'ed to join the Mushin server. If anyone ever requested what server to play on, they would tell them Mushin. Considering that when they offered the Item Transfers to Mushin players, they had to hand-do each request + did not offer a character transfer. That leads me to conclude that the servers are not tied up in any way.
  7. I'm going to be honest, it is a major let down.

    +1 to someone who actually reads.
  8. Game Devs- Read This!!!!!!!!

    So what youre saying is that you want the Host server to run dedicated servers (channels) as well within that server? It wouldn't stop anything to be honest. I dont know how much you pay attention to BnS per say. However, a players channel never stays the same. I could enter a solo-instance in Channel 2 and come out in Channel 5. There are also channels that are un-selectable and are computer-generated to keep areas from flooding. The issue here is not how many players are in one area, the issue here is that the host server CANT keep up with X amount of players in the server all at once without resulting to expanding the server (which costs a very very large amount of money for the amount they would need).
  9. This isn't headstart anymore thats why. A reason that they offered this is to get 50% of the NA Population off the fk one server. Now that they succeeded in that, they can now begin the process of expanding servers. Which they are already doing and will be done within 48 hours.
  10. Game Devs- Read This!!!!!!!!

    So what youre essentially saying is to transfer from one server to another server? I like the concept, however it is not a valid solution to actually put in place :/
  11. I was voting for you until I read this message. The offer was exclusive to only those two servers because it was an INCONVENIENCE to those players who literally could not play the game due to the que times. All other servers were perfectly operational and people could play on them. *crickets*
  12. I'm going to be honest, it is a major let down.

    I would just like to give you a bit of information about those players who had headstart and had to deal with these que's on a much more complex level than you do right now. Prior to headstart, when we could make our characters in advance, we had OVER 15,000 characters made on the server 'Mushin' alone. That was over 50% of the entire NA population on one server. Some of players were not premium members, but they INSISTED to play on Mushin still. Premium members at about 2:30 PM CST on Saturday had to wait over 4-8 hours to play on that server. Non-Premium members never got to log in and some claimed to be in que for OVER 30 hours. What youre complaing about, as a F2P player, is nothing compared to what we had to deal with on the weekend. This is an MMORPG launch. You will ALWAYS have Queue's. No matter what game. Everyone knew what was in store for them, excluding those who are new to the MMORPG scene (which sounds like you). This game was very over-hyped for the past 4-5 years in North America/Europe. These kind of things were EXPECTED to happen. For god sake, they are releasing 4 NEW SERVERS within 48 hours on NA. Do you have any idea how over-populated the game has to be for them to create not only 2, but 4 servers? tldr; you have no idea what youre talking about as a F2P in this game.
  13. You should post this in the Player to Player support, you'll receive more attention from people who can actually help.
  14. Just let us create chars at least

    The reason why they had such long ques is because there was no lock. The character lock isnt for your convenience, its to stop the replication of what happened in Head start. All of my friends are capable of joining the correct server because they listened to my instructions on what to do when the game launches and I knew NCsoft wasnt going to make the same mistake twice.