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  1. not true. even this machine will stall during Blackwyrm and large scale public fights/areas due to CPU and netcode.
  2. running on highest settings games like GuildWars2 and Black Desert have far superior graphics quality - both in terms of overall environment feel, detail and scale as well as spell and lighting effects. Hell even some of WoW's newer zones look more detailed and interesting than what exists here in B&S when running on a high spec machine. but that's not the issue here. All I was pointing out is there are MMO's with better graphic fidelity, most of which are running on custom or newer engines - which backs up what was mentioned in the articles. UE3 is showing it's ag
  3. they're giving it average review scores, which in all fairness is pretty accurate. aside from the combat there's not a lot that this game is doing that isn't being done better elsewhere. the quests are super repetitive, dungeons and their resulting boss fights are not particularly interesting, and the graphics are not up to the same level as many other mmo's. Is it still enjoyable? sure. At the end of the day don't let reviews convince you that it's a bad game if you're getting enjoyment out of it.
  4. can you snapshot and post what your gfx settings look like? i'll compare it to mine.
  5. and you're up-to-date with nVidia drivers and all that? I really don't think reinstalling is going to do anything for you at all.
  6. FWIW the routing from NZ is substantially better to an Australian based server than to SG or any other SEA location. We get ~50ms to Sydney but our routing gives us worse ping to SEA than to the US.
  7. while in-game press CTRL + X it toggles the game hud on and off
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