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  1. Bot's are making this game Boring

    Lmao i'm 1700 rating and still facing bots... what rating do I gotta be 1900?? I'm just getting tired of facing destroyers all the time... and bot spamming not the reason why I just hate blocking 200 spammers then having to delete 200 then reblock 200
  2. Am I the only one getting tired of facing bots in the arenas... and muting bot spammers... all these bot destroyers are just getting plan boring to face in the arena
  3. Mail system....Bs

    * However, you can send mail to your alternate characters on the same account without restriction * That's what im trying to do and wont let me.
  4. Mail system....Bs

  5. Mail system....Bs

    says you gotta be above level 15.. and im level 16 at the moment on my alt. but on the mail screen it says -you are *Required* to charge your ncoins at least once to send mail-
  6. Mail system....Bs

    Thanks never knew that.. but what does this have to do with this Thread..?
  7. Mail system....Bs

    Just to use the mail we gotta buy Ncoins at least once??? are you fking kidding me... why is this a thing??? Maybe this is a Pay2win game.. scene not all the game feachers are in inside the game..Only when you buy Ncoins.. -_- Wtf..
  8. soulstones vs soulstone pouch????????????????

    I normally Skip that one. pretty sure you gotta kill the Other Faction members for that one also.. that's mainly why I skip it
  9. soulstones vs soulstone pouch????????????????

    3-4 around that... I normally get 3 But can also get 1... So its a gamble
  10. soulstones vs soulstone pouch????????????????

    I pick all the sounstones that give 4. Anything that give's 2 I pick the Soulstone pouch.
  11. To all Destroyers.

    What did I just watch...
  12. Things I hate about B&S

    Daily CAP : 40.... Market cap : 10 ---------------------- Why is there even a market cap??? : I legity gotta sell stuff in the faction chat. Then get crap talked about me for trying to sell stuff in faction chat :(.... Daily cap : I legity Don't understand why there is a daily cap... R.i.p
  13. Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.

    Yep its broken... lvl 45 here and still cant use it
  14. People that PVP

    Must be nice having a good mouse and not a lame mouse.. :(