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  1. Lmao i'm 1700 rating and still facing bots... what rating do I gotta be 1900?? I'm just getting tired of facing destroyers all the time... and bot spamming not the reason why I just hate blocking 200 spammers then having to delete 200 then reblock 200
  2. Am I the only one getting tired of facing bots in the arenas... and muting bot spammers... all these bot destroyers are just getting plan boring to face in the arena
  3. I normally Skip that one. pretty sure you gotta kill the Other Faction members for that one also.. that's mainly why I skip it
  4. 3-4 around that... I normally get 3 But can also get 1... So its a gamble
  5. I pick all the sounstones that give 4. Anything that give's 2 I pick the Soulstone pouch.
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