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  1. Queue is BS!!!

    Unfortunately, does not seem to be the case. Over on Soha its taken me about 98 minutes to get in and I was only at place 1668 when I started... Honestly, doesn't look like this issue is going to be resolved anytime soon. It looks like they are pulling an ArchAge and trying to money grab off premiums as much as possible early on before finally getting around to fixing very simple very obvious problems with the servers. That would be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in a game if this is true, and there is a lot of dumb stuff out there.
  2. Stop complaining about the queue times....sheesh

    Hmm... wonder how long it will take OP to realize every single server has had a queue on and off all day, generally taking 30+ mins. Oh, and what about the people already invested in a given server with friends? Do you even think before talking?