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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    it also would increase supply to match demand, in turn, lowering prices. now there is NO supply and price is going to be through the roof.
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    What, exactly, did they abuse? Preparing for a change isn't abuse. Do you see a Cat 5 hurricane coming and sit there saying, "nah i'm just gunna sit here outside I don't want to abuse the weather forcast and leave town."
  3. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Considering the only real way you can get solar energy to buy the gems to make the powder is doing DC, farming rate is going to be quite low. it's going to take a few months for this to normalize not a few weeks. F10 Specials are useless to a f2p player when the market is crashed Also, AP and Gear in F8 is laughable. 60% of well geared players in pug runs are boosted mongrels. I've seen people with baleful and seraph out dps people with raven simply because they know how to play their class better and actually know mechs. Regardless, gems are end game content and i'll agree with you they aren't the end all be all but still would be nice to be able to upgrade them.
  4. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Doesn't have anything to due with market speculation. It has to do with NCWest betraying it's fanbase. It's like the games ongoing plot has leaked into their code of ethics. Game full of traitors is run by a company full of traitors. I didn't buy any RE, yet i'm still pissed at them. Before i had a chance of upgrading with the gems I've been saving up, now they are just gold which can't buy the new upgrade items because there won't be enough of a supply of them. Whales are undoubtedly going to buy out the market constantly, prices will skyrocket and we won't be able to get access to our so called "more easily accessible gem evolution".
  5. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    To the few that think this doesn't affect them, i'm sorry to inform you if you were planning on upgrading gems it certainly does. They have effectively wiped out all the mats used to upgrade gems and to top it off are undervaluing them by at least 5g each if you use RE on f10 and the current exchange rate. All the gold you get is mostly useless anyway since there wont be any powder in f5 because none will exist till it is farmed. This shortage it going to make the powders absurdly expensive making gem upgrading LESS ACCESSIBLE. We have all just been robbed, f2p and p2w players both!!
  6. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Bait and switch tactics... this company has got a monopoly on dumbass decisions. You have bugs still present from closed beta, your update copy pastes are horridly performed, the game completely lacks optimization, and the GM team doesn't seem to even know their own game let alone if they even played it before. Get your act together BEFORE you tell the player base something and dont change it half a day before the patch.
  7. You misunderstand my point. I'm saying it should be a selection for the raid leader to choose between 12 man and 24 man I'm not saying we are all on the design team, although sometimes I feel like I should be. Most of my guild works or goes to school and we still do fine with raids as many other guilds do some running multiple ones a week for alts. Most of us have jobs or are in school this isn't the problem. My main issue is that were are following the update path of other, smaller, regions that don't line up with the NA server's playerbase which isn't region locked. Meanwhile the team can't even fix simple bugs, like the bug that gets you stuck in combat.
  8. I'm saying it should be selectable between 12 and 24 rather than getting rid of 24man raid. Now we have to separate our friends into 2 different groups instead of all playing together. It should be OUR choice not NCSoft's. Besides I'd hardly call 12man a raid, that's just 2 parties. Raids should be massive, they should be hard, and there should be failure. A game that's too easy and only requires mindless grinding is boring. Dumbing down the mechs further and decreasing the people is going to make the game more boring.
  9. I don't want to I'd rather have all these goofballs in one raid.
  10. In response of the recent NCSoft post about getting rid of 24 man raids entirely I have to ask, "Why?" Why not make the total raid size selectable between 12 or 24 like how 4 man dungeons used to work? This way static raid groups that actually enjoy having 24 people in a raid can still do so.
  11. Would be really nice if NCSoft would stop using 3rd party programs that are known to be problematic. Why not just use server side cheat detection?
  12. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    There's nothing in the XML that's game breaking, the games mechanics are server side.
  13. Magnum Badge or Holy Fire Badge?

    I Just want to clarify for anyone looking at this post that you have the names backwards. Holy Fire is the combo with DnG while Magnum is the one with the stacking "Masterpiece" effect.
  14. Arena crashes

    It's probably a hacker, I've seen this happen in 1v1 as well.
  15. There hasn't been a night where I haven't been the victim of hackers in Skypetal Plains on the Mushin server. These hackers are disappearing and reappearing constantly and usually use grenade launchers to rob people doing their dailies of their prestige. It's nearly impossible to report these people as most are using the Faction masks ( which in and of itself is the biggest troll addition to this game, ever) and their names do not come up when you push ESC or when you look at your history. We need full time GMs to actually be monitoring the game in these areas and a better way of reporting hackers, regardless of their stupid Unidentified Crimson/Cerulean masks. Even the bots are using these hacks. The whole situation is demoralizing and makes people just want to quit this game altogether.