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  1. Glad to know this issue is not just my computer, and that NCSoft is aware already. I hope this issue gets resolved soon! ^^
  2. I tried completing this quest, where I have to speak to Hansu to join the Cerulean Order or Sansu to join the Crimson Legion, and I talked to both of them. I was unable to join either of them, didn't matter how many times I talked to them or what I did.
  3. I was running the installer and I got a nice error message telling me to install the game launcher and repair the closed beta test. In fact, let me quote the exact error screen I got. "Blade & Soul Closed Beta Test shortcut repair failed. WARNING! The NCSOFT Game Launcher is not installed. Shortcuts to the game cannot be repaired until the NCSOFT Game Launcher is installed. Please install it and try to repair Blade & Soul Closed Beta Test again. Repair will now exit." If anyone else is getting this, or may have an idea on how to fix this, please feel free to comment or say anything.