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  1. I know how to fix all the problems of this game

    NCwest: Hey Korean Dev's we have ways to sort out these issues bots, gold spammer's, glitches ect. Korean Dev's: Ummm...Talking among each other. Well guys if we approve this it will make us look incompetent since the games been out for years and we never had a fix for these issues. Korean Dev: At this time we can not allow you to complete this task. Further investigation is required. DENIED. This video from Korea BnS is A+ omg it's huge idk how to make it smaller sorry! ..>.<
  2. Scam the gold seller's

    This is how gold seller's get the payout's to the gold buyer's. The gold buyer put the cheapest item possible in the market place at the rate the gold seller show's them. So if buying 500g you put said item in market for 500g and whatever copper amount they say to add at end. So realistically you have a number between 1-99c to add at the end. So daily from now on everyone should just place the cheapest item in market with random amount 100-1000g and random copper at the end. Someone will guess right and win the gold! Because from what i can tell there is noway for the gold seller to actually know who put in the item. Also, NCSoft could simply apply a script to check insane markup's on item value in the auction house and ban the buyer and seller.
  3. Please explain Mods

    I blocked this person 30 minutes ago yet.......
  4. biggest fail i ever seen

    Being aware of a situation and actively doing something to improve it are 2 different things. Maybe if they actually provide feedback to the people on the forums about what if anything is being done they would have no need to spam the forums.
  5. biggest fail i ever seen

    For those who say it can't be done your wrong. I came from GW2 they have zero bot's and no gold selling spam in chat. They made the game with zero way's for gold seller's to move payout's to gold buyers. Which i find odd because NCSOFT is also a part of that game why not use the same strategy on this game since it worked so well for GW2.
  6. Spam in Forums.

    https://www.stopforumspam.com/contributions here are different plugin's for forum spam. One might work here if Mod's wont to check them out.
  7. Scam the gold seller's

    https://www.stopforumspam.com/contributions here are different plugin's for forum spam. One might work here if Mod's wont to check them out.
  8. My Acc was hacked some 15 min ago.GM help

    I would submit another ticket. Include all personal information you used to set up account. Bday info original email password and 4 digit code. Also include if any the last 4 digits of your Credit Card if any used on account. If you have the original email you got when you activated the account i would include that also.This will greatly speed up them verifying you are the original owner.
  9. Just remove firewalls already....

    Firewall is a completely useless aspect of a dungeon. It's does absolutely nothing but separate the team, kill people who might be a bit laggy entering the room. It doesn't stop the guy afking from bidding or kill the bot's in the party so no point to it but killing players trying to finish the dungeon. So why not switch it out for something beneficial like a portal that separates the people actually working to kill the boss from the guy afking and the bot's where they get no bid's or loot on final boss.
  10. Scam the gold seller's

    omg and add this to forums! Enable anti-spam plugins. These plugins can automatically detect suspected spam based on links, IP addresses, email addresses and the comment itself.
  11. This is how gold sellers get the gold to buyer's. Place a item in market at said price. So my question is, the item the buyer places will be no where near the value of the gold purchase. For instance they will put a dumpling or something of the lowest value possible. Why is this so hard to track? Can a script not be made to flag the insane markup on a item? At that point ban the buyer and the seller of these items. This can't be hard since the market always show's the going value of items already.
  12. Silent player in guild

    There are also parent's who allow their children to play with the stipulation they are not allowed to communicate in game with people. He could be shy or could be a young kid not allowed to talk to people in game.
  13. Why is it that you can't buy items individually?

    This is a video game not a grocery store. Most items that sell in bulk are not needed in bulk. And as most player do I want to buy bulk of said item because it's 1s cheaper in a lot of 50 when i only need a few. Nope. I'll refresh market and pay the 1s extra because as most players my gold runs low and buying in bulk is not a option. Soulstones "Bulk"50@18s69c=9g34s50c But i only need 10 because farmed the rest for the upgrade I need that will last awhile. I have let's say 8g. 10@18s70c=1g87s If you actually look at the market there is not that much of a bulk discount listed on anything. Most people in the game are not rich they spend there time and gold farming, upgrading and back to no gold.
  14. Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

    I went to arena first time today. Won 5 1v1 matches in a row 4 out of the 5 was a bot. People express their likes and dislikes on the forum because when you submit a ticket with suggestion's or anything else basically you are told to use the forums. It's quite simple if you have a issue with a post ignore it.
  15. Currency Exchange

    oh sorry i thought you could buy membership with gold if players are willing to sell. Makes me wonder how all the items in the shop are available on gold selling sites including memberships. They must have a cheap supplier of the cards which if i was NCSoft it would *cricket* me off just as much as the gold they sell.
  16. Why is it that you can't buy items individually?

    Why is anyone crying over this topic. You put 200 dumplings in the market guy buys 20 leaves you with 180 another guy buys 15 so on and so on till there all gone. Transformation stones 5-6 gold each you put a bulk of 20 you think they will sell as fast if people could buy the amount they want instead of all 20 at a time? No people will refresh market until they find a seller selling the 2 they need. When you could have easily sold the 20 to 10 different players if they had the option to chose 2 in the same amount of time. At whatever price you wish.
  17. Why are whispers forbidden?

    No it was a joke if i had it my way no one could whisper me unless in guild or friends list. Besides i already get spammed cross server friends request from gold spammers why would i want bots spamming me whipers cross server. The bots are annoying enough from one server.
  18. Random laggs on the server? [Twin Wagons]

    dw i have same issues and was told it's my ISP lol.
  19. Why are whispers forbidden?

    Yea i need the cross server gold sellers pming me too i bet they feel left out =[
  20. Unfortunately, this game is not for me

    I still have ping and latency issues on lowest settings. I can say for sure it's not my ISP
  21. Steam Stream

    From what I read on Steam forums Steam see's gameguard as a hack. There seems to be some work arounds idk if they still work just google the issue for updates.
  22. Can cat revive dead players ?

    Helping Paw! Resurrect an unconscious ally. Farewell The summoner's familiar sacrifices itself in order to resurrect the summoner along with any other unconscious party members in range.
  23. Most are free GOOGLE it please and pick one. It's a simple process. I have faith it can be done......
  24. Ok, seriously i've had enough of this

    Well basically they buy premium by making in game gold they are cheating to get. So how can NCSoft make a profit from that. But like I stated before if they base the success of the game on the amount of player's online then they are SUPER even tho 40% of the actual online players are bots. For every actual 1 player I would say at least 4 to 5 bot's if not more. I donate to get my 30 days because i can't see this game lasting a year at the current rate or i'd get that. I also refuse to purchase anything with cash I work for when the decline in players has been fairly rapid, it's only a matter of time before the game is not worth playing. But I will hold out hope some of the many thing's that are quickly ruining a awesome game will be dealt with in a reasonable amount of time. I also hold out hope that soon the forums will actually have Dev's or staff giving us updates and acknowledging the many players concerns.
  25. New Player(s) having a rough start

    Make drop's based on need not greed. If it's a class weapon that class get's first option. But a last this will never be done. I'm on Mushin if you guys need me to run you through dungeon to get your gear msg me if your on that server idm helping.