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  1. wow I never realized this game had so many outfits to look forward to. Can't wait :D
  2. What a cute outfit. Looks good on all class's. Love it!
  3. Most Mods/GM I know multi task, tickets, cs ect. So if i got to wait a bit for a chance to put up a siggy or a avatar over tickets being answered and content being updated in the game, I'll wait. Avatar and siggy are not very high on what i need from the game list right now i guess.
  4. You can go to Devtracker and keep up with the latest post pretty much. Also where your see member it say's NCSoft. I would love to see new things added to forums. And yes the game has been out for a bit, but i would much rather see the improvements in game first then worry about forums at a later date. Because be honest without the in game improvements who exactly will be reading the forums.
  5. Nice site! Keep up the good work. I enjoyed seeing the different variations of the characters. :D
  6. Fix the balance issue the rest of the game will sort itself out. 1. Remove the NPC's that allow people to defect. Put a item in shop priced moderately to be used if a person wishes to switch sides. Defector Tag 599 nc coins. 2. Remove the NPC's from the opening map that allows players to pick a side. Let them choose when they make it to the NPC's in story mode. That would cut down on the already silly amount of lvl 15 gold selling bots. 3. Give people 2 weeks to lvl past 15 if they have not in that amount of time they no longer play or have already quit the game.
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