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  1. Bumping this for relevancy. Want these annoying crashes fixed.
  2. See you guys around a lot and many of us from Elite have friends from WA as well, best of luck :)
  3. Add missing clan materials to the Hongmoon Shop

    Bumping this for awareness. NCSoft.. please.
  4. Clan Activity Log - UI/HUD Overview

    Do want this badly.
  5. Haha you're old news. Elite is rank 16. =)
  6. There seems to be a lot of crashes when farming soulstone plains. It seems to occur the most frequently with tons of people around. The more people there are, the more frequent/possible the crashes seem to be. This is the same in Grand Harvest Square. Lots of people = crash. I have all characters hidden (CTRL + F ) as well. Not sure if that helps.
  7. Elite is rank 15 nice Eterna best of luck to you guys on the journey to rank 15 =^____^= (Y)
  8. WOAH Alfeon reached rank 15? Grats man @Alfeon