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  1. So they "unintentionally" place these items in cash shop with an unlimited purchase AND a fixed price, then proceeds to place a limit on it a few hours later.....ha What's worse is how they keep quiet and don't even address this situation..... and since you're finally deciding to place limits on the item, I hope you plan to do something about all of the players who took advantage of this "mistake". If not, that would be rather unfair to the rest of the community. Did I also mention the price of the item was increased too?
  2. How are you being scammed? We've already known prior to this update that these skill changes were going to happen. You had plenty of time to switch over to baleful by then, plus you also had the opportunity to play the class before the skill changes for well over a year now. Newer players won't get that option.
  3. I hope the F2 feature is fixed soon too. It has been extremely difficult for me to progress because of this hongmoon level discrimination that's currently plaguing the game.
  4. My sou fighter attempting to solo shrieking caverns He failed unfortunately. Has no way to block the constant projectiles thrown at him :(
  5. Actually, most of that stuff was already available on other servers iirc and on KR server, outfits are tradable and able to sell on the marketplace, so these outfit stamps wouldn't really be of any need. It was just something introduced to the f2p models.
  6. Ah, I guess it's because of all of the other extra parts. I was focusing more on the main components (ram, gpu, cpu, ssd), but even an i5 would be more than enough to run B&S smoothly and you don't necessarily need a beefy graphics card to run B&S either since it's more CPU intensive. Also building your computer would be the better option like skelettbus stated, but you may also run into mistakes when building one yourself, especially if it's your first time. EDIT; Also I searched up these pre-built PC's and the second one is actually cheaper if you buy it from Amazon. 2nd
  7. Both should be able to run B&S at max settings perfectly, but I'd go with the cheaper option, in which I'm going to assume is the second one because the first is a bit of an overkill, especially if you only plan to play B&S
  8. South Korea's story update just went live not too long ago and during one of the video's i've watched I witnessed something quite interesting. Fast forward to 4:06:50 and you can clearly see this Yun NPC using skills that of a WL, even has the same animation too! Throughout that whole segment you can see her using warlock skills such as leech and bombardment. Was Warlock possibly going to be a playable class for Yun at one point and do you think maybe it will be unlocked for the race in the near future? I sure hope it does because I'll surely be creat
  9. When does NCSOFT plan on releasing a news article regarding the winter trove? On Wednesday? I thought, well expected it would've been up after it was announced on stream.
  10. My little Lyn getting ready for Halloween~
  11. So I was watching a video of the Korean BNS Client and I couldn't help but notice in the players inventory that they had naryu tablets in it and quite a lot too. Here's the video: I'm just curious as to why these never made it to our client. I believe CN client also has these fragments (can someone confirm?). I am unsure about TW and JP but would we ever see these make their way to the NA client in the near future? I find grinding for Naryu tablets to be extremely difficult because the drop rate seems so poor and the fact that you need so many to upgr
  12. Decided to change my female Lyn into a male. My Lyn before: and after
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