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  1. Please do not spread any false information. You are not Rank 15. We have an alt in your clan that has confirmed you are Rank 14, as we are in Eterna. You cannot reach Rank 15. We know because we were the very first clan to reach Rank 14 in North America and have the supplies for Rank 15. Next time try telling the truth before spreading lies. I will be posting the same on another Clan's thread that has decided to spread the false information of being "Rank 15". Thanks. P.S: The System does not allow you to go into Rank 15 until 50 patch. :)
  2. Honestly this is a fantastic idea that should be implemented along with a log of donations/clan vault. This would help tremendously!
  3. For the love of God, please transfer the clan recruitment threads/sections. I understand when you say people can just... Copy over their original thread but what we cannot copy especially in my case is 30+ pages of posts. A true intimate look into my clan and what we have to offer. Please don't delete them.
  4. Fantastic! I know I see these questions pop up every so often on streams, in-game and even on Blade and Soul Dojo. Hopefully they will look at this <3
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