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  1. Thread has been updated! :)
  2. We are still recruiting and looking for friendly faces!
  3. Just finished my 100 runs for the 7 AP. I am *cricket*ing exhausted. Time for me to go to bed... Tomorrow, I'll be updated the Original Post with new HM requirements and AP requirements.
  4. An Idea For Blade And Soul & NCSoft West

    Perhaps you are right... however I think it would be handy to have nonetheless. Just an idea of course.
  5. I'm at 50 runs for Yeti ;-; tomorrow I shall run another 25 ;-;-;-;-;-;
  6. Hi there, so I'm here presenting an idea that would benefit all people in the game playing the market or just wanting to know what the price in average/lowest price on Marketplace is. Below I've photoshopped what I think would look great with any item: As you can see it would state the Marketplace Value, which would be the lowest price set for it or the average and that way no one in Cross Server or in a dungeon would have to press F5 just to see the price of an item. I hope it's taken into consideration! Thanks :)
  7. The thread has been updated. Welcome to all the new members, and congratulations to our last week's winners. We have been excessively running 4 man in order to make sure our members get geared up, rich and well to be honest, get their hongmoon skills all nice and sexy. We will be offering our Hongmoon Pellets to the Faction as soon as our members that need it get it :)
  8. We are still actively recruiting! Looking for a good Rank 15 clan that will help you through End-game content? Join us!
  9. Wow infernal battlegrounds was fantastic! I'm hoping we don't lose our rewards. We are getting prepared for GVG and with our rank 15 which means our immunity rank! Play with us today and help us take down Cerulean.
  10. This is getting a little childish. Lets act a little bit more like adults and stop your nonsense on our recruitment thread. Please and thank you ^-^
  11. Congratulations everyone. We are recruiting levels 50 HM 5+ now. Lots of applicants and lots of amazing people in the clan! Quite happy. Apply today via:
  13. Listen, I understand you "1 Game Guilds" feel super hardcore and entitled on the silliest competencies in which you believe you are the "Best". Hey that is your Role-play? Go for it. Wrong server, but kudos for you! :D By the way.. for a Rank 14 Clan oh sorry hahaha I mean 15, sorry how could I possibly forget - we never see you in Misty. Ever. Hmm. Anyways good luck on your gaming adventures and your silly little mini-war. xD We'll see you in Soulstone Plains! Congrats to Frail Tragedy, at least they have decent members.. unlike this "Elite" clan ;)
  14. No worries in less than 12 hours we'll be Rank 15 :) Like most clans that know how this system works ^_^
  15. Lol No actually you are Rank 14. Please. And I realize you just accept random people with AP, GJ :D We actually have a legitimate screening process. Learn to get a little better <3 Grats Frail Tragedy :)