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  1. Showgirl costume

    I want dreamcutter too.
  2. Beware Transmuting Outfit Pouches.

    NCsoft are a bunch of arseholes. This is pretty much the response I got from support too. Tough titties, we forgot to fix a tooltip but thanks for your money sucker. At this point I am considering contacting my bank and seeing if this constitutes fraud, theft or some other thing I can potentially use to get money back. utterly unacceptable. And like many others in this forum topic, had I been made aware that there was a chance to fail. I would not have spent the money.
  3. Beware Transmuting Outfit Pouches.

    I would love my ncoins or my fabrics back. But apparently this is beyond NCsofts ability. PWE can restore a character from months ago, wow can restore a character from a year ago. Swtor can restore items as well. Why cant Ncsoft?
  4. Beware Transmuting Outfit Pouches.

    Ncsoft, working as intended. They *cricket* up, its our fault and we pay the price.
  5. Beware Transmuting Outfit Pouches.

    Van Friday at 03:55 Hello, Thank you for contacting us again. We would like to clarify that Transmutation for Outfit Pouches has a chance to fail. This is an error with the tool tip of the Transmutation window as it only shows the possibility of a Critical Success and we are working on a fix to correct this. When a Transmutation fails, instead of seeing a "Failed" notification, it shows “You successfully transmuted to 1x High-Quality Fabric” hence confusing you and some players that the process was a success. Rest assured that our Development Team is working around the clock to quickly resolve this confusion. We are hoping for your understanding for this issue and we ask for your patience. If you have other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Regards, Van NCSOFT Support Team thanks to them admitting this is a bug and telling me tough titties Ive already begun the process of talking to my bank. If I had known something that takes real cash has a chance to fail. I do would not have done it. Add to the fact he admits its an error in the tooltip, I think this easily warrants giving people back their items. This is like being sold an item with a defect. If it's the companies fault, they need to correct it. Not tell us tough luck. Seriously upset at Ncsoft.
  6. Dreadtide Arena

    Ive been at it for a week. I hate naksun. RNGesus can bite me.
  7. Funny Story

  8. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Yeah happened today, some 20's where camping low level blues in a zone. Some high level blues showed up, spanked the reds and they proceeded to *cricket* and cry about being ganked by high levels. While moments before where laughing and mocking the blues who where upset by the same thing.
  9. 5 Hour Downtime again

    Another whine thread.
  10. Oh my god, an MMO with a rough launch period? that's completely unheard of. I mean it's not like wow was down for weeks at a time, or other NEW mmos had to go down for unforseen issues to be fixed. And before you play the "But BnS isn't new" neither was FF14 reborn, and it still had issues at launch. All these games have one thing in common. The dev teams worked hard to make sure they worked. And if that meant a little more downtime to give us a smooth experience. So be it. So buck up or shut up.
  11. You sound pretty entitled. Be happy they are trying to fix stuff. Is this yer first MMO?
  12. Graphics are messed!

    Are the graphics supposed to vanish and change/move and not work based on how I move around them? The same happens with lighting in the forest and often all the detail on the ground will appear and vanish around me.. I am running the game at max graphics.
  13. High levels abusing Blackram Narrows.

    Im a high level and I always wait for my party. Some people are just tools.