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  1. skills bugged since hotfix?

    hi, is it possible that the last hotfix bugged some skills for fm? for example, fire fury(f) only generating 1 orb now. i remember, when i was lazy, i just pressed down f for firefury/dragonblaze chains, as long as i crit, but now i have to cast fury 3 times to get 3 orbs. (frost still working) also, it feels like im running out of focus a lot faster since patch? (which could be just badluck with weapon focus not proccing?)
  2. SSP Changes

    if their goal was to thin out their playerbase even more, they did a helluva good job with that... also the timing... with another game right behind the corner...
  3. Server transfers?

    just hurry up and release them already QuQ two of my chars are in the wrong servergroup
  4. This is kind of annoying...

    did you get an achievement which unlocked a bonus attribute? if yes, and you havent activated a bonus yet, the achievement screen keeps poping up. happened to one of my chars too.
  5. Another nice outfit stuffed into a RNG Box again

    they also said there will be other ways to get regium and luna. still waiting on these
  6. Mystic Fire key change

    just put it on lmb, like soul fighter has. fms f is already quite full with skills xD
  7. Costume winner's gear

    i hope soon. rly like it. just hope we get to have the chance to get it more than once, since i need it at least 2 times (for my yun and gon).
  8. in the german version they actually call you grashüpfer(grasshopper) instead of cricket^^
  9. Why did i even farm...

    my alts will welcome this change :)
  10. Dungeon leavers

    a deserter debuff like other games have could help^^
  11. More Evidence of Winning Design Being Copied

    the amount of bs in those "evidence" threads is astounding xD if you go with that measures you should disqualify all of those costumes, because if you search long enough you would find "evidence" for all of them. also, it was inspired by alice in wonderland, as they said, so, ofc it would look like something like that, duh.
  12. i like it, and im gonna buy it for my warlock, soul fighter and force master :)
  13. Trouble getting buff in Yeti fight?

    this guide helped me a lot just skip to ~7:40 (first part is about a sin build)
  14. All gathering is lost to bot users

    they should just remove the fixed spawnpoints at let them spawn randomly on the map
  15. Oh my God....Chapter 5 Story Spoiler

    as i saw this scene i thought im watching the movie "aliens" :p