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  1. Thats nice to know about the no sever for UR4 but whats the update? we need a msg very soon about it before some of us use or do anything then after some update all of that gone like the upgrade update you guys did
  2. Thanks a lot you guys . that's so nice o/
  3. why wont you just make it with Peaches just farm Peaches and buy them like an RNG box have 1~5 ... please boss every 40-45 min to just afk for them . it's bots work not players want to play fast .
  4. http://giphy.com/gifs/warnerarchive-warner-archive-elia-kazan-splendor-in-the-grass-l0HlGPNqhq07VzPeU
  5. i'm not here for you . i did talk to support but they send me back here to this support . not you Terrible people dose not have anything good to say .
  6. I get 2-3 time DC on TOI . 5 channels can't help . even ch 5 and 1 can't press on it's RED so full people if they come back from cross sever or TP to mushin 80% you going to DC . https://i.snag.gy/tT2BXL.jpg
  7. hope that you added more channels in mushin hall because 5 will not help . i'm sure 100% more then 300 players and more can't hold only 5 add 10 that's will help to not get any disconnection at all for anyone i hope you do that . i did talk to the support tho they send me back to here don't know why but here i am so hope that they add it Very Soon..!!
  8. i have the same assure , and the game unplayable why they not do an update to fix it or talk about it on twitter or something ..
  9. Hope they fix it soon .. this to sad .. the game just back and i'm out for so long
  10. i have it more then 2 time in one day .. even every DC in game from it .
  11. The game was waking will , then just stopped for me ;-;
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