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  1. how can you say its only 1-2g/day when ALL of the dungeons got changed and nerfed in gold. And where is the -70% weapon upgrade? its just 30%
  2. first of all not everyone can stay on their ass and farm ssp all day, as not everyone broke their parents bank account with 2 trove events and other garbage which ncsoftwest kept trowing at us.. whats the point to nerf the gold cost of the weapon path+ path by 30-% if they also have nerfed by 30-50% the gold reward of the daily dungeons? it basically stays the same. The point of these changes were to make the current path and weapons a lot more accessible and prepare people for future content which is highly AP demanding. By actually doing this ninja nerf on the dailies they achieved exactly the opposite. It has a really big impact on the overall game and also gameplay as the way the game is going toward is more and more pay to win which Im sorry but I for one do NOT agree with.
  3. well sure... I dont give a F.. but at least they should have the decency of making it official..eh.. who am I kidding?
  4. yeah you arent imagining things: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u94nLDKyX6BHilwyZD79y3844vpw-0laNffTO6zqvJY/htmlview?sle=true https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eIPgnqdXrTcZptpLxXAqulNkNndlrc7EyPbTbrkrGXM/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true# so much for : "we dont interfere in the market or touch it" and "we let our players know if we make important changes"... full of BS! as usual..and no.. announcing things on stream does NOT count.
  5. Lair of the frozen Fang used to reward 2.40 g before.. now it gives 1 g and something. Heaven mandate used to give almost 3.3 g.. now it gives a bit over 2 g. and list goes on.. proof: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u94nLDKyX6BHilwyZD79y3844vpw-0laNffTO6zqvJY/htmlview?sle=true
  6. Hello there, Do you think changing the gold reward as not important enough to let you playerbase know about it or at least an explanation why on such a impactful decision was made? I really wonder when your incompetence will end or the actually company will hire pertinent people who can do their job properly. Regards!
  7. why add a dps meter?

    dps metter all the way. I dont understand why anyone would be against it. For me at least makes no sense. I want to improve. ami doing a correct rotation fo spells? can i do better? can I change something? I I dont need a dps metter to tell if you are garbage at your class or with crap stats. I can see that without it..
  8. The game's population is too unbalanced.

    all doesnt means most nor many. all: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/all most: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/most Many: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/many but lets stop with the semantics now...
  9. The game's population is too unbalanced.

    as long as you refer to all... yeah I have an issue with it. if you say MOST or many.. then ok.. I will let you go by... :P
  10. The game's population is too unbalanced.

    wait what????????? what?? errmm???? nope... your argument is invalid..
  11. We Need Colosium or Boss Testing Arena

    actually Dragon Nest has something of this sort. It has a training mode where you can practice the dungeon to your heart content. of course you get 0 drops but you know its actually good :).
  12. BM Weapons

    that is.. a butter knife.... its pretty much as sharp at it looks..not very much so..
  13. Show off your characters!!

    f yeah! man boobs on display.. MMM
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Finally an outfit that shows more skin than girls do! I can die happy now..
  15. Why did i even farm...

    I really do not understand something in all of this. Why didn't NCSoft W didn't introduced the maximum weapon/acc path for this content. It makes absolutely no sense. Grinding your life over it's a mmo mechanic which has died ages ago. NONE of the Korean MMOs that i have played have this insane grind anymore, all of them updated and accommodated. why? the answer is very simple: NOBODY wants to waste their life over one item competition. There are so many awesome games out there it's really hard to keep your clients/players. They will always find games which are a lot less punishable and better maintained. it makes absolutely no sense to do this unless you really do want to drive your player base away... which well has been happening a lot lately.. Just make old content accessible. Give all the damn breakthrough weapons/acc in survey (specially when you took out green dungeons), Help new players and old players alike with making alts. What you get? a LOT of potential customers which will actually stick around for a change. Increase the damn experience on main quest. Stop making me to do all the stupid ass side quests. I have done it once. The voices are missing the game immersion is non existent just make main story the focus. The main story should make you HM 4 and give you enough gold/mats to achieve 420 AP. What you get? a lot more playerbase, an constant influx of players which translates into a lot more money. Would I recommend my noob friend to start this game? With the current xp/ gear path and green dungeon out of the cross server... ABSOLUTELY NOT!