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  1. The game is not clearly designed for the western audience. There's only so much NCWEST can do to make it bearable for us when the changes we want are detrimental to the business model NCKOREA has going on for the game. Not to say people at NCWEST themselves haven't made bad decisions.
  2. If the title didn't give it away yet, I'd like to point out some problems with current Silver Scale acquisition rates. As you know Silver Scales replaced Blackstones as a next tier upgrade material some time ago. Current primary means to obtain Silver Scales are the three Solak dungeons(Drowning Deeps, Ransacked Treasury and Sandstorm Temple) which have a chance to drop a single Silver Scale, and their respective daily quests which grant you a total of six(6) Silver Scale Fragments each day. Now let's look at how many Silver Scales a player needs. Aransu Stage 9 requires 45 and
  3. Colourful Silks, it's pretty unique outfit on Yun at least. It was first released maybe 1½ years ago and to my knowledge has never been revived.
  4. This was a correct decision on their end though. It was your own choice to invest in soon to be _discontinued_ item.
  5. I'm assuming here Dark Origins includes both the 'easy raid' similar to DKV and more importantly Vortex Temple aka Julia raid. You really, really should push the 12 player raids to the same day as Dark Origins launch, or alternatively slightly delay Dark Origins. I'm sure everyone can live with a few more weeks of Black Temple, even if they're sick of it already. Having to assemble 24 player raid group only to split it in half shortly after makes little to no sense. It's also likely that in most cases the split will be anything but smooth, if even possible.
  6. Agreed, this change makes absolutely no sense. All this does is discourage people from playing on their alts.
  7. Eh, I think it's mostly a good event. I can understand Purple Badges not having Pearl discount given that we only just got them. However I would really love to see Yellow Badges(F20) there though. Those are incredibly tedious and time consuming to farm even with good gear. I would be willing to bet that most decently geared people don't even see farming 45, let alone 60 Beads as reasonable option.
  8. If hit the 'details' button on f10 it shows when the costume in question goes out of rotation. Technomancer, Odyssey and few other costumes are the new semi-permanent additions and will be available for purchase for months.
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