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  1. I *cricket*ing love this thread. Really hope he can't get his things back. Stupidity should be a burden, never a reason to indulge.
  2. As the title says, it's finally happening! Reguim Corvus as Daily Dash reward for EU, starting Wednesday! yay!
  3. FM or WL?

    You do know that the "nerfed" version of WL doesn't nerf the damage it does. The nerf was in defensive abillities and heals , which only hinders it in PvP..
  4. Game is almost completely ruined...

    @TopKEK I'm not promoting botting, if that's what you presumed. Botting exist cause people violate ToU and buy gold, therefore i'm against people who violate ToU. Otherwise i agree with you.
  5. Game is almost completely ruined...

    EU / NA is the regions that're best at complaining. When the bots go away, you will whine about prices sky rockets through the roof. Yes. That happened in Aion and Archeage. There will always be something to complain about.
  6. Warlock tips for junghado

    @TopKEK With legendary skillbook (tier 5 as i said) you'll have quarduple DC everytime you have siphon, with the CC combined with the build i presented you have plenty of time to manouver in the fight. It all comes down to what playstyle you prefer, i prefer the better way.
  7. Warlock tips for junghado

    @TopKEK The "you're talking out of your ass" is cause you're making it seems like it was the best, when it doesn't have the highest dps, ergo you're wrong.
  8. Warlock tips for junghado

    You're talking out of your ass.. I've killed him 5 times now with dragoncall without a drop of sweat at all.. What you wanna do is build KD on quell, KD on X which penetrates parry (his counter) , tier 5 dragoncall and stage 2 soul chain. start the fight with your thrall and when he does five point slash AND air combo, stay very close to your trall and the hits will be divided between you two, use CCs when able and manage your thrall CD well to time it with his 5 point and air combo. First kill i had 375 AP, and had 1min37s left before enrage.
  9. Failed to connect to server?

    I'm not defending anyone. I'm just answering your stupidity with facts. And you just sound like an angry teenager with too much free time. I would be offended by you, if you actually didn't talk completely out of your own ass.
  10. Failed to connect to server?

    In terms on service you agreed to that problems may occur and they are not obligated to refund say lost premium time.
  11. Failed to connect to server?

    You don't need to have a facebook/twitter accound to see what they're announcing. And for heaven's sake, work on your grammar.
  12. Failed to connect to server?

    Wednesday is always maintenance day.
  13. Failed to connect to server?

    Read their twoots instead of asking about it.
  14. My Warlock, first Female character i ever created.